The music video is for singer Habib Rehman
The music video is for singer Habib Rehman

After making her directorial debut with Ishq Positive, Noor Bukhari has ventured into music videos.

The actor collaborated with singer Habib Rehman on his song 'Guzray Pal' and launched its music video on Thursday.

Says Bukhari about working on this music video: "I got an offer to be a part of this project and I thought, 'Why not?' I always enjoy doing new things. This will be a new experience for me."

Noor Bukhari is known for her work in films like Mujhe Chand Chahiye and Zill-e-Shah and also dramas like Mere Angnay Mein and Phir Tanha. This is her second directorial experiment after Ishq Positive.

According to Bukhari, "I think actors make good directors and you can see that in Lollywood, Bollywood and even Hollywood. There are many actor-turned-director who are very successful, because we've gone through that challenge of feeling what the character feels. Now, as a director, I don't see characters as just the artists now. To me, even a chair can be a character, it just depends on the perspective."

Noor doesn't seem to be taking a break after the release of 'Guzray Pal' as she hints that she will be taking on a film project soon. While the actor hasn't revealed if she will be acting or directing this new project, we are definitely curious to see what this star will come up with next!