Sanam Baloch is on a roll!

The actor who was last seen in telefilm Ek thi Mariam, has nabbed the lead role in upcoming drama Istikhaara.

Speaking to Images, Sanam said, "It's a Big Bang Production with Fahad Mustafa as the producer and it's written by Naila Ansari."

"I'm the lead female opposite Sarmad Khoosat," says Sanam. "I'm playing a girl who's in her tender age - done with her college life and we'll see how marriage influences her own self in spiritual aspects."

She added, "I cannot delve much into the story right now, but just to give an idea, it's about love, remorse, guilt and the hitches of a young girl getting married to someone older than her."

Sanam revealed that the 25-episode serial will air on ARY Digital and will also star Shamim Hilali, Shehroze Sabzwari and Kiran Abbassi apart from Sarmad Khoosat.

For Sanam, this role was a selection from many scripts. According to the actor, "I was being offered scripts for quite sometime now but there was nothing that appealed to me as a person... I've even been getting offers from Bollywood since our dramas went there but I am very picky about the scripts I do... This was such a different kind of script, I believe many girls out there can relate to it - I couldn't refuse!"

"Also my fans have been waiting for me to return to the screen for quite long. So this project is for them!"

While no release date has been confirmed for Istikhaara, Sanam hopes the serial will air post Eid.