This video of Imran Khan's fitness routine will scare Nawaz Sharif, says PTI

Updated 17 Oct, 2016 03:50pm

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Will PM Nawaz Sharif be inspired to hit the gym for a fight to the... fittest?

If you can't be the Prime Minister, might as well beat him... in the gym, of course.

Looks like political rivalry has taken a new form — a fight to the fittest!

First it was the Sindh Sports Minister who challenged his Punjab counterpart to 50 push-ups (though we all know how that flopped. Oops), now it has made its way to the big fish: PTI Chairman Imran Khan vs. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

In a video upload on PTI Official Videos Facebook page, IK shows us how to #WorkWorkWork those abs, because he's gearing up to take over the Iron throne.

"Kaptaan's lifetime of training for this very decisive moment, it's been a long time coming! Be very afraid Nawaz Sharif," reads the caption.

What we're thinking: Where'd IK get those pink kicks from? They're quite cool, but those white socks are ancient, they have got to goooo.

Going by this workout vid, here's how the 64-year-old stays in shape:

1) Toe touch crunches

2) Bicycle crunches

3) Side-to-side obliques

4) Knee Ins

5) Basic crunches with knees up

Imran Khan may be dead set on becoming the next PM — cuz let's face it, he's been waiting for it like Leonardo DiCaprio was for his Academy Award — but we're not sure whether gym time = PM time.

Others have some things to say too.

Some people feel he's preparing for a position other than head of state:

Others are truly inspired:

Some call the video 'absurd':

Some people are anticipating fallout:

And some people know exactly what's going on in PM Nawaz Sharif's head:

Now we'd watch that.