How to be Sheikh Rashid (in 11 easy steps)

How to be Sheikh Rashid (in 11 easy steps)

The most important rule? Always, always, always carry a cigar
29 Oct, 2016

Did we just witness a 007 moment yesterday? Because Lal Haveli looked like a scene from James Bond.

Who needs push-ups when you have a man who can outdo law enforcement, right? And no, we're not talking about Salman Ahmad and his narrow escape from the police, we're talking about the new bada** in town, Sheikh Rashid.

Now that the Awami Muslim League leader is the new icon who has taken the internet by storm, here's how you too can be Sheikh Rashid in 11 easy steps:

1) Make a promise and stick to it:

2) Have a punchy tagline/comeback ready when attempting a master feat:

3) Have a getaway car on standby, one that your opponents will never suspect you to travel in:

4) Make your escape via the shadiest route possible:

The more peechay kee gallis the better.

5) Have a bhangra-style entrance ready:

6) Podium? That's old school brah. Make your speeches from atop a van:

7) Always, always, always carry a cigar, because you've gotta show 'em who's boss:

8) Throw in a victory sign, because the government hates those:

9) Add a rap for the new Ke$ha generation:

10) Top off your look with a topi:

11) And finally, give love where it's due:

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