Gigi calls half-Pakistani Zayn Malik 'Middle-Eastern'. Why are we not surprised?

Gigi calls half-Pakistani Zayn Malik 'Middle-Eastern'. Why are we not surprised?

How dare she mistake British Pakistani for half Middle Eastern! insert horrified emoticon
14 Oct, 2016

Uh-oh, it's not all rainbows and butterflies between Gigi and her beau's fans after she misidentified Zayn as 'half Middle Eastern'.

In an interview with Gulf News, when the 21-year-old model was asked about travelling to the Middle East, she said, "I love it here and I love going to places that remind me of my dad’s side of the family."

Gigi's father was born in Palestine and later migrated to the US with his parents at age 14.

She continued, "I especially love it when you meet other Arabs. There’s such a sense of family regardless of whether you are blood related or not anywhere in the world. When someone comes up to me and they tell me, 'I'm Palestinian' and we make a connection, it's beautiful."

And then she dropped this bomb: "My boyfriend is also half Middle Eastern. It’s just a connection that you make that’s really cool. It’s hard to explain but you feel like you’re amongst [your] people.”

Cue internet outrage.

Zayn Malik is half-Pakistani — a fact most Pakistanis are very proud of — and half-British.

Pakistan is in South Asia.

Though identifying a South Asian country as part of the middle east is a common (and annoying) mistake westerners make, everyone thought Gigi would know better since she's, well, dating someone from South Asia.

But no.

People were mortified how Gigi could not know the ethnicity of her boyfriend.

Others were having a field day

Then there are some ignorant people who need to be hit in the face with a map... or just Google.

There goes a Zay-Gigi fan.


Geography lessons, perhaps?

Ring the alarm! It's not just Gigi! *face palm*


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Awesome Lyrics Oct 14, 2016 03:33pm
We all have Middle eastern roots and genes, so nothing wrong
Zahid Ali Oct 14, 2016 06:10pm
we should not be happy about his half pakistani origin he is English only
Umreekan_Sundi Oct 14, 2016 06:21pm
@Awesome Lyrics Maybe you have. Majority of Pakistanis have their roots in the subcontinent. A big number also trace their enthinity to Central Asia. Middle East? - Not many. Unless you are refferring to Adam and Eve going by which the whole world is Middle Eastern!
Thoroughthinker Oct 14, 2016 07:38pm
@Awesome Lyrics : Not Middle Eastern but, we all have Sri Lankan roots because Adam had landed on Adam's mountain in Sri Lanka!
Jason Oct 14, 2016 08:30pm
So London is "not" a Saudi Arabia "suburb". Try explaining this to the Brits. They refuse to listen...
Hassan (Karachi) Oct 14, 2016 11:09pm
@Awesome Lyrics Doesn't matter, we are not Middle eastern. We are South Asian.
Nasir Oct 15, 2016 12:43am
Actually many Pakistanis in western countries don't like identifying themselves as from Pakistan
Hasnain Oct 15, 2016 01:06am
well that's news ........ I guess ?
Tamilselvan Oct 15, 2016 01:13am
@Awesome Lyrics . But Arabs and other Middle Easterners do not consider Pakistanis as one of them. In fact KSA has banned their men marrying Pakistanis and including them as part of their family. Be proud of what you are and don't try to shun your heritage whatever it may be.
only Oct 15, 2016 01:28am
@Awesome Lyrics just by changing religion indian does not become middle eastern.
UA Oct 15, 2016 06:34am
Pakistan is in South Asia we are not Middle Eastern! Come on guys, get it right!
Recommend Oct 15, 2016 11:35am
Actually, this article is ridiculous. South Asia is an invention, as is every other geographical designation. He certainly can refer to himself as Middle Eastern.
A Shah Oct 15, 2016 12:12pm
I know lots of Pakistanis who introduce themselves as Indian. This is nothing new.
Understand Oct 15, 2016 01:18pm
OK so she doesn't know geography and don't know where Pakistan is. So what? Don't be a cry baby on this.
Narinder Dogra Oct 15, 2016 10:20pm
@Nasir No surprises there!
DR aYahfaa RAO Oct 15, 2016 11:13pm
There is nothing wrong in it ..I do personally think we have middle eastern roots
Sarah Khan Oct 20, 2016 12:46am
@A Shah hell no! Pakistani always introduce themselves as Pakistanis.
Sarah Khan Oct 20, 2016 12:50am
@DR aYahfaa RAO no, because in that case we all have African roots, adam and eve originated there....its a matter of accurate n latest facts, he is pakistani not arab/middle eastern,
Sarah Khan Oct 20, 2016 12:51am
@Nasir yes we do! Who told you this? Lol