Mawra Hocane signs 'Sammi', another Hum TV serial with a cause

Mawra Hocane signs 'Sammi', another Hum TV serial with a cause

Inspired by the success of Udaari, Mawra has signed the TV serial being produced with the John Hopkins University
03 Oct, 2016

We'll be seeing Mawra Hocane on our television screens again, and soon.

The Sanam Teri Kasam star is set to begin shooting for Sammi, Hum TV's next TV serial with a cause.

Mawra Hocane talks to Images about this upcoming TV serial and her Bollywood projects — both rumoured and real.

1) First things first. Some Bollywood director is going around saying that he's had to reconsider casting you in the lead role of a film titled Not A Prostitute. We understand that that's not true. How would you like to respond to the rumour?

Mawra: I don't want to lend credence to gossip by acknowledging or responding to rumours.

2) Did you have any Bollywood projects in the pipeline?

Mawra: I would prefer not saying anything that would become a headline because of the prevailing situation while what I am actually doing takes a back seat.

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3) We know that you do have a new project in Pakistan lined up. What can you tell us about it?

Mawra: It's called Sammi and it's a social cause-based serial by Hum TV, which is being produced in collaboration with the John Hopkins University. I play the [serial's] protagonist whose name is Sammi.

I start shooting for it in less than 15 days and I'm thrilled to be a part of it, especially after having watched Urwa work on a social cause-based serial Udaari, which was a mega hit. It has set a precedent and I can't be more proud.

4) It'll be great to see you back on TV again, but when will we see Mawra on the big screen? What kind of film offer would win you over?

Mawra: It's only been a few months since you last saw me on the big screen. Consider this a breather between two films. A few things are in the pipeline and we shall be making an announcement soon.

I don't want to sign something just because everyone is looking forward to what I sign next. When I take up a project, I am all in to deliver the best I can with sincerity and honesty. Such decisions can't be taken under pressure of news headlines.

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5) Do you think the ongoing controversy surrounding Pakistani artists can affect your future work prospects in Bollywood?

Mawra: Nothing and I repeat, nothing can affect what you build with sheer hard work. You either wait for people to define your worth or you define it with your own actions. I believe in the latter. I am strong, matchless and unstoppable when it comes to hard work.


Xerox COPY Oct 03, 2016 07:04pm
Good. Stay there and stay safe
Aamer Oct 04, 2016 12:41pm
After she flopped and got banned in India she is back in Pakistan.
Muhammad Majid Oct 04, 2016 02:41pm
No attraction.
Sanjay Oct 05, 2016 10:33am
@Aamer who says she is flop, she is talented and has proved her worth.