A party without weird moments is like a phoopi without rishtas in her kitty, i.e. boring.

Last night's Magnum Chocolate Party 2016 promised to keep guests well-supplied with chocolate and well-acquainted with surrealism. We're here to say that they delivered on the latter.

If the party was meant to make us feel removed from reality, it succeeded on that end. Like most parties, this one also had its fair share of unforgettable, or should we say 'surreal' moments.

Here are 8 such moments:

1) Was that a doorway or a dress?

The chocolate dress that made it really uncomfortable to go under. Photo: Instagram
The chocolate dress that made it really uncomfortable to go under. Photo: Instagram

Entering the Magnum Chocolate Party was a slightly awkward experience. We were required to ahem, go under this chocolate lady's dress, which felt a little indecorous. Thankfully, looking up while walking through didn't yield any surprises.

Understandably, the party sought to highlight fashion as much as fine art, but walking through a ball gown wasn't necessary to drive that point home.

We say this only because the dress doorway made us uneasy, not because it wasn't beautiful.

2) Ali Xeeshan got cocky

If not the glasses, then the clothes, if not the clothes, then the... cocky hat?

We still weren't over Ali Xeeshan's Non La and kimono jacket at the Lux Style Awards, and he graced us with yet another red carpet style statement, that made us crosscock-eyed. Note how this miracle cock laid an egg on Ali's shoulder - how's that for surrealism?

Seriously though, how did he manage to keep that on his head without it falling off?

3) The gallery

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Sameera Raja of Canvas Gallery curated an exhibition of surrealist works in the gallery, and what stole all the attention were the central costumes on display. They took the spotlight on Instagram and were the major talking points as people milled about and waited for the fashion show to start. What was surprising was that the human sculptures obliged onlookers with a selfie or two.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

The only thing that could tear our eyes away was the dessert table. It was teeming with decadent chocolate goodies. Sadly, because the show had started we had to skip them. Walking away from chocolate at a chocolate party seemed unreal.

4) Ali Zafar's 'performance'

The event promised a performance by Ali Zafar, but it didn't involve him singing.

Instead, he wrapped a gown-clad model in a white shroud. Then, he thought for a second and unwrapped the said model. He went on to paint her likeness on an easel, all done in a few magical brushstrokes. The crowd cheers -- it's Ali Zafar, after all -- and he flips the easel to reveal a surrealist portrait of the model.

Perhaps the performance was meant to reference a surrealist work. We're just glad he didn't paint with chocolate (gasp, so wasteful!).

A shout-out to Joshinder Chaggar, who was a welcome distraction during this performance. Her lithe moves proved once again why she bagged the opening act.

5) The tree of obstacles

Yeah it looks pretty harmless and small at the extreme left, but it was annoying and big.
Yeah it looks pretty harmless and small at the extreme left, but it was annoying and big.

Who places a tree in the middle of a stage, such that it bars the view of audience members on the side? Ideally, no one. But such was the case of the Magnum Chocolate Party.

This huge tree prevented many from viewing the huge projector screen. It was hard enough to make out the faces of the models from afar, and without the benefit of the close-ups projected on the screen, it was really the question of who could squint the best. The result? phone back in the bag

6) Ali Zafar's gallantry

A model struggling with her long dress became a damsel in distress situation, and Ali Zafar swooped in to save the day. Sweeping the trail off the floor, he made it easy for her to walk all the way backstage. A fairytale moment.

But then he came back out, blew a kiss to the audience, did a slight bow and clapped for his own chivalrous behaviour. Umm. Good deed undone, we think.

7) Ali Xeeshan's exits solo - without his showstopper Mawra Hocane

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Designers usually give their celeb showstoppers the honour of walking back with them to the backstage, but Ali Xeeshan is an exception to that rule.

Mawra Hocane walked the runway as Ali Xeeshan's showstopper, the designer came out, took his bow, raised his arms in victory and then walked back with flair... and without Mawra!

8) When no one could quite figure out who this showstopper was supposed to be

Here's proof that art really is open to interpretation. Nilofer Shahid's showstopper first seemed Khaleesi-inspired. "Is that white hair?" we asked amongst our group.

This was until we spotted a baby in Amna Ilyas' arms.

After a brief debate about whether this really was a bold representation of a revered religious figure, it was realised that the theme is surrealism, and the inspiration for the piece far different (more on that in our next report).

Cue our sigh of relief.