Overweight, jobless and dealing with a spinal injury; just when Zahid Ahmed thought he had lost all hope of ever recovering along comes drama serial Besharam.

When Zahid's 'before and after' pictures recently started circulating on social media, people were left stunned by the actor's major transformation.

"I wanted to share the story because I wanted to own up to the truth about the images; that yes, this was me before my transformation," Zahid shares with Images.

Zahid posted two pictures of himself, a before image in which he is heavier and has visibly less hair as compared to the image placed beside it; the after picture which shows his tremendous weight loss and hair surgery. Along with the pictures, he shared a timeline of the past five years, the good times, the bad, the worst and then his rise.

"I went on to add more details [in the post] so that people may take inspiration from my story which had much more than just getting hair and losing weight," he adds. "My aim was not to get more publicity and fame, I already have that, my aim was to give motivation to the youth that they should never think there's no hope."

Sharing details of how he injured his spine and was left like 'a vegetable' for months, he says," My accident [happened when I lifted] a very heavy weight, which caused the last disc of [my] spine to swell double in size."

"My wife was the only reason I survived. She would help carry me, feed me, help me change and then encourage me take to take the decision of joining TV and even showed me examples of good dramas because she is an actual drama fan," says Zahid.

With his story he hopes to motivate and inspire others to always have hope and work towards making themselves better.

"If I can rise after a broken back and shattered career then everyone should just put their faith in God and themselves and never give up."