Potterheads unite on Twitter to bring J.K. Rowling to Pakistan

Potterheads unite on Twitter to bring J.K. Rowling to Pakistan

Fans have been tweeting hoping the message reaches the famous author
Updated 16 Jun, 2016

It started with a few pleas on Twitter that soon amassed a huge number of Harry Potter fans eager to bring J.K. Rowling to our country.

On June 1st, one fan expressed her yearning to meet the famous author and added hashtag #JKRowlingInPakistan to her tweet.

Not surprisingly, another fan on Twitter used the same hashtag, urging Rowling to come meet her fans in Pakistan.

Taking that as an incentive, Sania Sidiki asked more fans to assemble and become a part of the call.

And voila! Hashtag #JKRowlingInPakistan soon attracted Potterheads in the country and became a trend among the fans.

Many expressed their love for her.

This is how badly they want her here.

They are even reaching out to Twitteratis with a huge fan following.

And did he comply? Yes, he did, he retweeted it!

These guys won't quit. They are very sirius.

However, the best has to be this guy, he gave the perfect reason as to why Rowling needs to come to Pakistan.

And what do ya' know, folks, almost two weeks later, they're still at it.

J.K. Rowling if you see this, you have thousands of fans in Pakistan who would be ecstatic to have you here. It might just give you an idea for your next novel!


zak Jun 16, 2016 02:42pm
Now she will come for sure. She should use a Pakistani actor in her next movie, they are in demand world over.
Aamer Jun 16, 2016 02:59pm
i hope she sees this.
ahsan Jun 16, 2016 03:30pm
Please visit them. They are our brothers.
krow Jun 16, 2016 06:38pm
It seems that peoples have taken Harry potter very seriously.
deepak Jun 17, 2016 07:01am
World need Rowling to be safe.
Jeea Jun 17, 2016 09:18pm
@deepak I agree!