Rauf in action on the sets of Lahore Se Aagey
Rauf in action on the sets of Lahore Se Aagey

As Lahore Se Aagey, the much-awaited follow-up to hit comedy Karachi Se Lahore enters the post-production phase, director Wajahat Rauf touches down in New York.

In a chat with Images, he reveals the exact release date of the film, and reflects on the its production so far.

"The overall experience was great, now that my team has had [the benefit of] experience from the first film. It was a tough shoot as most of the film is shot outdoors in Punjab and Swat but we enjoyed every bit of it," shares Rauf.

When asked about his most memorable moment on set, he echoes his actor Yasir Hussain's comments on Saba Qamar being a powerhouse performer:

"Once, I asked Saba to carry Yasir on her back on a bridge in Swat. Saba, being the dare devil that she is, agreed immediately. I think she pulled a major back muscle that day and was immobilised the next morning. Good thing was that she was ready to shoot the day after!"

As for his future projects, he says, "Some producers want me to direct their films and I'm open to the idea if I find a really really good script. Otherwise I will produce and direct at least one film every year. Lahore Se Aagey will get released worldwide on November 11, 2016."