The film just wrapped up its shoot, and Yasir's all praise for his talented co-star
The film just wrapped up its shoot, and Yasir's all praise for his talented co-star

It's a wrap for the Karachi Se Lahore spin-off Lahore Se Aagey and we can expect to watch it in November 2016.

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In a quick chat with Images, lead actor Yasir Hussain recalls the highs and lows of the film's shoot and how Saba Qamar proved to be the ideal co-star.

"It was a great experience working with Saba Qamar because she is such a thorough professional," Yasir begins. "There's so much I learned from her. She's undoubtedly a brilliant actress but she is miles ahead of everyone else in professionalism."

He said that Saba's quite the tough cookie:

"I'd get tired on a outdoors shoot (which was 80% of the time) or while travelling between Lahore and Swat and Lahore and Islamabad. It was quite grueling and hectic. We were injured many times, sometime we fell and suffered cuts. But that woman didn't budge."

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He even picked up the tricks of the trade from Saba:

"I don't know about TV, but film requires a certain kind of professionalism - at every moment, at every position, you have to give the camera good expressions. I learned that from Saba Qamar."

Overall, the shoot was a great experience and he promises the spin-off's better than the hit original:

"Apart from that, I had a good experience last time with Wajahat and this experience was also amazing. This film is better than the first one, especially the script."

It looks like there's no time to rest for Yasir Hussain. The actor has a lot of work in the pipeline, including a film in India!

"Next year, I'm doing another film Senti Aur Mental with Yasra Rizvi and another in India that I can't talk about right now. The shooting will be in Mumbai and I'll be flying there next week. Plus, I'm writing a film for Anjum Shehzad's Band Toh Ab Bajay Ga."

Whoa, looks like Yasir's a tough cookie too!