Did Hrithik Roshan propose to Kangana Ranaut?

Did Hrithik Roshan propose to Kangana Ranaut?

We read everything about the Hrithik-Kangana debacle so you don't have to.
Updated 17 Mar, 2016

Of all the break-ups that have happened recently in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut's split seems to be the messiest of the lot.

Now an unknown friend of Ranaut's has revealed shocking details about the ex-couple to Mumbai Mirror — including the fact that Hrithik had proposed to the Queen actress!

First comes the proposal...

Apparently, he proposed to her sometime in January 2014, just a month after he called it quits with his ex-wife, Sussanne Khan. The friend claims that Kangana had her reservations and didn't want to be the rebound but after he assured her that he was in it for the long haul, she said yes.

"She was on top of the world," shares the unidentified source.

However, by February 2014, things started going downhill as actor started shooting for Bang Bang.

The friend adds: "Hrithik stopped communicating with her. Kangana took off for a vacation in New York where she heard rumours about him growing close to his then co-star Katrina Kaif. On February 14, she confronted him about the rumours when Hrithik called her and asked him to be honest with her. He only wanted to know if anyone was aware of the engagement. When Kangana told him that she had informed her family about it, he said that she had misunderstood his intentions."

By December, it had fizzled out completely. Since then, the two have been on-again off-again and have locked horns over several issues, such as her referring to him as her "silly ex" or Hrithik saying she suffers from Asperger's Syndrome.

"She wants to move on, maybe she can find happiness with someone else. He thought he could intimidate her with his legal notice, get her to make a public apology. But apology for what? What did she do wrong."

All that's well and great, except that Hrithik has never admitted to the relationship at all.

...then comes the legal notice!

While this was allegedly happening behind closed doors to an extent, the legal battle brought their feud into the public eye.

According to the defamation legal notice Hrithik filed through his lawyer, Deepesh Mehta, he first became aware of a fake email ID, being operated by someone impersonating the actor, when Kangana approached him at Karan Johar’s birthday party in May 2014, thanking him for some congratulatory emails she received.

He then shared his correct email address with her, after which she began bombarding him with up to “50 emails a day”. During December 2014, Hrithik also had a series of communications with the Mumbai police about the “bogus” email ID.

The actor's lawyer also said in the legal notice that Kanagana was lying about the very existence of the intimate relationship she shared with his client: "Since quite sometime you (Kangana) have been insinuating and trying to create an image within the film industry through print and social media and in public at large that there was some relationship between our client (Hrithik) and you."

However, Kangana’s legal notice, sent by lawyer, Rizwan Siddique, contends that the email ID in question is real and that Hrithik himself had created it to communicate with her: “My client (Kangana) states that it was Hrithik who wanted to communicate from a newly created ID because of his impending divorce. In an effort to safeguard his name, image and reputation your client (Hrithik) time and again malafidely and in mischief hacked my client’s email ID and deleted all the mails sent by him."

"She is not some dim-witted teenager who has been smitten and whatever happened between the two of them was with full consent of both parties.”

Hrithik, who was the first to send the legal notice to his Krrish 3 co-star, has demanded that she apologize in a press conference and clear the air about their alleged affair which he firmly refutes.


Gokarn Mar 17, 2016 06:11pm
A son born with silver spoon can't accept to be linked with a self made girl from modest background. She assumed it was a love affair. While other thought it is joy adventure like hit & run with non entity.
Irfan Mar 17, 2016 06:34pm
Wow. New couple on a make. We wish the duo good luck.
Roussou Mar 17, 2016 10:00pm
Glitzy world of showbiz with its dirty secrets at full swing.
Mirziya sahiban kithe Mar 18, 2016 06:32am
Those two are madly in love, leave them alone.
Khan Mar 18, 2016 07:27am
Hrithik and Katrina makes a better pair
Noshin Mar 18, 2016 11:41pm
Kangna is best
Noshin Mar 18, 2016 11:41pm
Kangna doesn't need Hritak's support!!!!