The new love guru, Sonam Kapoor — Photo courtesy:
The new love guru, Sonam Kapoor — Photo courtesy:

If Sonam Kapoor’s new video with Hrithik Roshan ‘Dheere Dheere’ couldn’t bring her into the limelight, her latest ‘advice’ vid will definitely do the trick.

Speaking about how the media never gives coverage to the end of her relationships, Sonam, who calls herself a full-time fashionista and part-time actor, tells her fans about the reality of her breakups.

She says: “Breakups are so liberating. My first breakups were easy because we were young, stupid and immature. But after the breakup, [he] would make a thousand promises, do a hundred dramas... ‘I am new and improved!'... 'Give me a shot?' But, that's rubbish! It’s all the same.”

Her final piece of advice is: “If you’re in a really messy relationship, breakup!” Just do it, she says!

That’s not all. Sonam has some more to say on the matter, but we'll have to wait for September 18 to hear it. Let's see if people will take this Khoobsurat lady's relationship advice seriously.