The recipient of Lux Style Award for Model of the Year 2015, Shahzad Noor is possibly one of most dashing models around — he looks dapper in a jacket, regal in a sherwani or kurta and uber hot in jeans sans a shirt.

Apart from walking the ramp and looking classy on billboards, Shahzad is now stepping into an actor's shoes and will soon be seen in an upcoming drama Tera Mera Rishta.

So who is this charming young man actually? We threw five questions at him to know exactly that:

1. Use three words to describe yourself:

Shahzad Noor (SN): Easygoing, hardworking and a people's person.

2. What can be off-putting about your profession?

SN: Time delays during shoots are what get to me mostly because I'm usually on time.

3. Item songs — Yay or nay?

SN: Nayyy.

4. So you're stranded on an island, what three things could you not do without?

SN: Shower before and after workout, food and working out of course.

5. If someone drops by your place to and opens your fridge, what are they likely to find?

*SN: * Well, apart from the usual that is chicken, fish, chocolate and bananas (which are splattered everywhere in the fridge), there isn't much.

While we swoon over him, we are yet to find out how well he'll pull off his serious role in Tera Mera Rishta and by the look of things, we think it'll all be hunky-dory for this hunk of ours.