Bond retrospective: Six actors who played 007

Bond retrospective: Six actors who played 007

As the current Bond, Danial Craig seals his Bond career with Spectre; here are six actors who played the iconic spy
26 Oct, 2015

LONDON: British actor Daniel Craig plays James Bond for the fourth time in the new 007 film Spectre and would be nearing the end of his Bond career. He is the sixth star to play the suave secret agent in the official Bond movies over more than half a century.

Although the 47-year-old British actor has said he would “rather slash my wrists“ than play the suave spy again, telling Time Out magazine: “All I want to do is move on.“

While he has also suggested that he will continue, Craig's comments show at least an ambivalence about the all-consuming role of Bond from an actor who guards his privacy closely and enjoys a quiet pint in the pub.

When he was first named as Bond in 2005, taking over from Pierce Brosnan, many questioned whether the blond-haired, blue-eyed, gym-sculpted Craig was the right man for the job.

Even Sam Mendes, the director of Spectre, was initially sceptical.

“I thought Bond had become the opposite of what Daniel is — a slightly disengaged, urbane, jokey, eyebrow-raising, you know, a pastiche in a way,” he told the BBC.

But the intensity Craig has brought to the part has allowed the multi-million dollar franchise to be rebooted with a harder, more serious edge and won round many of the sceptics.

Roger Moore, one of his predecessors, has called Craig the best Bond ever and told Time magazine that his performances had “guaranteed Bond another 50 years of life”.

Fans have also got used to seeing the star, who is contracted to do one more film, play one of the most iconic parts in cinema.

“That great big handsome-Shrek face with its sweetly bat ears has grown into the role,” the Guardian newspaper's five-star review of Spectre said.

Here is a filmography of the franchise:

1. Sean Connery

1962: Dr. No

1963: From Russia with Love

1964: Goldfinger

1965: Thunderball

1967: You Only Live Twice

1971: Diamonds Are Forever

Connery returned to play Bond in 1983 in Never Say Never Again, which was not part of the official franchise.

2. George Lazenby

1969: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

3. Roger Moore

1973: Live and Let Die

1974: The Man with the Golden Gun

1977: The Spy Who Loved Me

1979: Moonraker

1981: For Your Eyes Only

1983: Octopussy

1985: A View to a Kill

4. Timothy Dalton

1987: The Living Daylights

1989: Licence to Kill

5. Pierce Brosnan

1995: GoldenEye

1997: Tomorrow Never Dies

1999: The World Is Not Enough

2002: Die Another Day

6. Daniel Craig

2006: Casino Royale

2008: Quantum of Solace

2012: Skyfall

2015: Spectre

Barry Nelson and David Niven also played the famous British secret agent in 1954 and 1967 respectively in unofficial James Bond films.


Ghalib Oct 26, 2015 12:27pm
In my opnion 1. Sean Connery 3. Roger Moore 5. Pierce Brosnan Are the ones that did justice to Bond Character,
Bajrangi Bhaijaan Oct 26, 2015 01:20pm
My favorite are: 1. Pierce Brosnan 2. Daniel Craig 3. Sean Connery
Mehra dee Oct 26, 2015 01:24pm
In my opinion,Sean Connery was the best James Bond ever.
John B. Ryder Oct 26, 2015 01:25pm
Sean Connery was the only actor who fitted into the role as described in his books by Ian Flemming. The first three 007 films (Dr No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger) stayed loyal to Flemming's writings. Then the whole thing went upside down for the lust of moneymaking by the producers. Bond's boss M, magnificently played by Bernard Lee, changed his sex; The secret love of 007, Miss Moneypenny became a black woman rattling a machine gun and the debonnair 007 himself turned into a muscle flexing equivalent of Rocky Balboa. The computerized special effects now dominate Bond films and I am glad Ian Flemming is no longer there to put up with this nonsense. JBR
Waleed Karim Oct 26, 2015 01:26pm
For me Pierce Brosnan was the best bond ever....!! He did justice with Bond Role
Kabeela Khan Oct 26, 2015 01:45pm
Roger Moore all the way!
Recommend Oct 26, 2015 02:34pm
All British actors accept George Lazenby who is Australian
Mohammad Iqbal Oct 26, 2015 02:55pm
All the actors who came after Sean Connery, copied him. Even today James Bond and Sean connery are two sides of a coin
Sohail Oct 26, 2015 04:53pm
Where is Johnny English. He is the best of them all. I think Daniel Craig cause his action is a lot more realistic.
Shrirang T Oct 26, 2015 05:38pm
Only Pierce Brosnan fits the role.
TKhan Oct 26, 2015 06:13pm
I saw almost all the Bond Movies, and had hairstyle and wore tight suits. Kind of live Bond Style. One day I spotted a beautiful girl in the college cafeteria. I approached her in the Bond Style, sat next to her and said "KHAN T. KHAN". In response she said "Lost, Get Lost". That was the end of my Bond Career.
Ajay vikram Singh Oct 26, 2015 07:06pm
Daniel Craig is fabulous as modern day bond. He has brought a human factor and believability to the character. I think ha has done exceptiinally well. Sean connery and Moor, are legends.
Hasan Oct 26, 2015 07:39pm
Daniel Craig tops off the list for me. He took the Bond role to a whole new different. Previously I enjoyed Roger Moore the most , 2nd Sean Connery.
SBC Oct 26, 2015 07:46pm
David Niven was James Bond in the original Casino Royale
guest Oct 27, 2015 12:00am
Sean Connery was the best Bond in the 60s era. I doubt he would be as effective in today's cinema. Daniel Craig best fits the role for this current generation. The dangers today are more on the edge, thrilling ones that require more grit and seriousness than what Sean Connery could provide.
k k tiwari India Oct 27, 2015 12:20am
@Ghalib Sean Connery
Zack Khan Oct 27, 2015 12:58am
Sean Connery!
Zack Khan Oct 27, 2015 12:59am
@TKhan ha ha ha ! Funny man!
Zack Khan Oct 27, 2015 01:00am
Pee Wee Herman!!!
SUB Oct 27, 2015 01:29pm
Connery had advantage to be the 1st Bond. So he shaped up the role & set a model for every one to follow. He justified the decision of director/ producers with this quality and character & provided ample reason he was given preference over Moore In my opinion his performance shall not be gauged with the following Bond stars
Jawaid Islam Oct 27, 2015 05:22pm
1. Sean, the best Bond, sexy to the core 2. Daniel Craig is very close to what Sean was as Bond 3. Pierce for his good look Bond 4. Timothy Dalton..a not so good Bond 5. Roger Moore, I never liked him as Bond. He was okay as Simon Templar and in Persuaders. 6. George Lazeby, his Bond was famous because Diana Rigg (from the Avengers) also starred in it.