Gidh is about the common man's experience with media: Shamoon Abbasi

Updated 03 Oct, 2015 03:34pm

Images Staff

The actor gives an update about his long in-production directorial debut

It's been a fruitful year for Pakistani cinema, but there were so many more promises for 2015.

Hamza Ali Abbasi shied away from releasing Kambakth. The wrap-up of epic production Yalghaar by December is regarded with doubt. And what ever happened to Gidh?

Local cinema's perennial bad boy Shamoon Abbasi is making his debut as director with this long in-production action flick.

A new trailer recently emerged that announced local cinema's trusty ass-kicker Shaan Shahid as its new hero. But when will Gidh finally see the light of day?

"The film has been delayed because of the previous actor's failure to commit to the project. He kept the production line hanging for more than a year and half, and started his own film Main Hoon Shahid Afridi in the meantime," Shamoon tells Images, referring to Humayun Saeed.

"Finally, without giving a choice, we cancelled the deal with him," he said, adding, "Shaan Shahid is definitely a better choice to portray the intense role in Gidh."

Gidh's initial release date was in 2014 - Publicity photo
Gidh's initial release date was in 2014 - Publicity photo

Shaan plays a character close to his real-life self in the film, portraying a famous celebrity. The film appears to be an out-and-out action film, but Shamoon has previously described the film as a critique of local media.

"Gidh is a thriller and a story filled with emotional interactions. What we are trying to depict in Gidh is a common man's experience with the media these days. We've done a bit of a detailed analysis in the script."

Has Shamoon's own tense relationship with the media inspired the film? Last year, he was censored out of an TV channel's award show telecast after he criticised the same channel for inadequately promoting his film, Waar.

"I never wanted to make a film about my own experience with the media. I would rather make something, which the entire nation can find relatable. Gidh has its turns and twists. It's original, it's real."

Gidh sees Shamoon's return as yet another antagonist - Publicity photo
Gidh sees Shamoon's return as yet another antagonist - Publicity photo

While Shaan plays the protagonist, Gidh sees Shamoon in yet another role as a villian. One would think that playing the villian has particular appeal to Shamoon, but for him it's more about filling a blank in the industry.

"I am an artist trained to do every kind of role," he says. "For some reason, the industry lacks actors who are able to pull off negative roles. I fill that slot smoothly."

"It's time to change the concept of the villains in Pakistan from characters with absurd moustaches, curly wigs and funny suits. I have invested my time and career to fill that blank in the film industry of Pakistan and God blessed me with a lot of fame after the all-time blockbuster Waar."

We wait to see Shamoon's next menacing avatar in Gidh.