#IStandWithAhmed: How the internet stood up for a wronged Muslim student

#IStandWithAhmed: How the internet stood up for a wronged Muslim student

Budding inventor Ahmed Mohamed received support online as people mocked authorities for racism and Islamophobia
Updated 17 Sep, 2015

Everyone from the average joe on social media to celebrities and politicians are up in arms about how 14-year-old student Ahmed Mohamed was suspected to be a terror threat — all because he was smart enough to invent his own clock.

Ahmed Mohamed, a high-school student residing in Irving, Texas, built a home-made clock which he took to school to show to his engineering teacher who. When his clock's alarm went off during another class, his teacher took notice of the invention, confiscated the clock and Ahmed was then pulled out of class by the school principal and a police officer on suspicion of having built a bomb.

This was certainly depressing.

What is not depressing, however, is how quickly scores of people came together on social media to defend Ahmed and express indignation over the school's decision, evident racial discrimination and Islamophobia.

After the #IStandWithAhmed hashtag started trending on Twitter, Ahmed got a enormous boost of support when US President Barack Obama said this about him:

Hillary Clinton jumped in:

Mark Zuckerberg invited Ahmed to Facebook and told him to 'keep building:'

In Pakistan, celebrities were not far behind. Hamza Ali Abbasi shared his take:

Journalist Saima Mohsin had Ahmed's back:

Nadia Jamil introduced us to a page that's raising funds for his college education:

And then the fun began. The incident provided fodder for people to express their anger through humour, and some of the memes that resulted were not only hilarious, but only very on point.

This guy decided clocks should be America's new weapon of choice:

This person wanted to let the beat drop:

Jokes about 'forward' thinking Texas made the rounds:

How come no one noticed this huge threat in a Disney musical!

Armed to the nines much?

We've all hated our teachers at some point...

And the biggest threat of them all...

Although Ahmed was released after an investigation, he has responded that he would like to change schools and thanked his supporters.

Lesson learned? Clearly the internet has no 'time' for haters.