Ali Zafar releases tribute to missing mountaineer Ali Sadpara

Published 18 Feb, 2021 11:04am

Images Staff

'Paharon Ki Qasam' was originally sung by Kamal Masood.

Singer Ali Zafar has released a tribute to Muhammad Ali Sadpara, a Pakistani mountaineer who went missing while climbing the K2 on February 9.

'Paharon Ki Qasam' was originally sung by Kamal Masood. Zafar's version of the song also features the traditional instruments used in the original version.

It has been produced by his production house Lightingale Records.

The video features a compilation of shots of Sadpara and scenic shots of the mountains.

The lyrics are especially poignant given that the entire nation is praying for Sadpara's safe return. "We haven't gotten word of your arrival. Your memory won't leave our hearts," croons Zafar.

The video also features a quote by former US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt — The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste, experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

People have been thanking Zafar for the song and video on social media.

Sadpara is a celebrated Pakistani mountaineer who went missing on an expedition on K2. He and two other climbers, Juan Pablo Mohr and John Snorri Sigurjonsson, were last seen on Feb 5 near the Bottleneck area of K2. Poor weather has hindered an on-ground and aerial search for the mountaineers.

Since then, the entire nation has been praying for Sadpara, often described by his peers as a tough as nails climber with a good-humoured nature. As days have passed and the weather conditions remain a challenge, people are trying their best not to lose hope and are counting on a miracle to bring Sadpara back home.

Recently, singer and philanthropist Abrar Ul Haq announced that he would build a school in Sadpara's village, fulfilling one of the missing mountaineer's lifelong dreams.