Shaniera Akram is concerned about big weddings during a pandemic and she's not alone

Published 09 Nov, 2020 12:16pm

Images Staff

"Keep it small, save lives and save money. People will understand, I promise," she advised, adding that she had a small wedding.

From wholeheartedly embracing the status of Pakistan's beloved bhabhi, to actively working on improving the state of affairs, Shaniera Akram has undoubtedly been an advocate for Pakistani culture.

This time around, the activist has some advice for couples whose marriage plans have been affected due to the pandemic.

"I understand that in the past big weddings were a thing. But we are mid pandemic, why not take the opportunity and use this time to your advantage?" she questioned the to-be-couples.

Reminiscing her own time, she also mentioned tying the knot with cricket legend Wasim Akram in an intimate ceremony.

"Keep it small, save lives and save some money. People will understand I promise. I had a very small wedding, it's okay. We survived, You will too!"

Shaniera's reassurance was followed by official orders by the National Command and Operations Centre (NOCC) that issued new restrictions for major cities, including banning indoor weddings from November and allowing only a limited number of guests for outdoor ones.