In his Netflix comedy special, he explains how he 'felt terrible' but it sounded too familiar...
In his Netflix comedy special, he explains how he 'felt terrible' but it sounded too familiar...

Aziz Ansari started his Netflix Comedy special, 'Right now' by addressing the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

He began with joking about how someone mistook him for Hasan Minhaj and continued in his comedic rapid-fire style and added how the person stated, “You had that whole thing last year, sexual misconduct.” To which Ansari interrupts, shaking his head furiously, “That was Hasan.”

The Parks and Recreation star was accused by an unidentified woman who claimed that she felt under pressure to perform oral sex after they went on a date. She also stated that she texted him the next day about how uncomfortable she felt after the incident.

He stated, "Its a tricky thing for me to answer because I’ve felt so many things last year so. There’s times I felt scared, there’s times I felt humiliated, there’s times I felt embarrassed. Ultimately, I just felt terrible that this person felt this way."

"After a year or so, I just hope it was a step forward. It moved things forward for me, it made me think a lot. I hope I’ve become a better person. And I always think about the conversation I’ve had with my friend, where he was like, 'you know what, man? That whole thing made me think about every date I have ever been on'. And I thought, 'wow. That’s pretty incredible. It's made not just me but other people be more thoughtful and that’s a good thing' and that’s how I feel about it."

Ansari's answer was similar to what he said in his comedy special that came out in February 2019. Vulture reported that Ansari told a crowd of about 200 at the Village Underground that it was a “terrifying” topic.

He gave the same statement, word for word which makes it seem almost too well-rehearsed. Perhaps just try using some new content next time, Aziz?