Marvel fans can celebrate as Disney movies are finally making their way to the big screen in Pakistan — and that includes Captain Marvel!

The film was meant to be a March 8 release but due to Disney not giving Pakistan the rights to screen the film, it never made its way to the cinemas.

The issue with Disney affected the release of other films such as Tim Burton's Dumbo. All this had fans worried - nay, stressed - that Avengers: Endgame won't be coming to the big screen as well.

But local distributors knew the chaos that would ensue should the latest Avengers installment not hit screens and made sure all is handled before the release. And they did!

Cinepax made the announcement that Captain Marvel is finally coming to screens, and so is Dumbo!

Better late than never are we right?

The two Disney releases let us know that Endgame will also release on the intended date April 26, so who's complaining?

Definitely not Pakistani Twitter, which is over the moon with this new information.