Adnan Malik pays tribute to his friend, ‘warrior and visionary’ Khadijah Shah

Adnan Malik pays tribute to his friend, ‘warrior and visionary’ Khadijah Shah

The actor commended Shah for refusing to compromise on her values despite being in 'uncomfortable, coercive situations'.
26 Mar, 2024

Actor Adnan Malik featured in a vintage, romantic campaign for Élan and said that the “truly true” reason for his agreement to be in the shoot was his friend, designer Khadijah Shah.

“Khadijah was incarcerated as a political prisoner for over nine months. I don’t think there was a day that went by that I didn’t think about what she was going through in prison,” Malik wrote in a detailed caption on his Instagram that accompanied the campaign video.

Shah, who helms the fashion brand Élan, was arrested after the May 9 riots. The designer was incarcerated on charges of vandalism and rioting, but released on bail in December 2023.

After her release, she asked Malik to be in Élan’s campaign and his response was a “full-bodied HELL YES”.

“Foremost, I implicitly trust Khadijah’s aesthetic but more importantly for me, I was looking forward to spending three days with her listening to her story, what’s alive for her and what may have changed,” the Sadqay Tumhare actor wrote, adding that things would never be the same for Shah after she survived nine months as a political prisoner.

Although the shoot was “grand old fun”, Malik said that the best part was at the end of the day after the shoot wrapped up and he had a chance to talk to Shah.

“I was so pleased to find Khadijah deeper in her convictions. K [Shah], this incredible force of nature, not only survived in prison but managed to grow and thrive,” he stated.

Malik commended the designer for not compromising on her values or beliefs despite being in “uncomfortable, coercive situations”.

“She stood her ground, deepened her faith and stood by what she believed in,” he said. Malik also said he was in awe that Shah didn’t take the easy route out despite it being available to her.

He dubbed Shah “a visionary, a warrior, a queen with conviction and deep emotional reserves and a beautiful, compassionate heart”.

The video was shot and directed by Naveed Amjad and stars Mushk Kaleem alongside Malik.


Ishrat Hyatt Mar 26, 2024 06:05pm
Its good to read that people - especially those in the public eye - are speaking up!
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Laila Mar 26, 2024 06:52pm
I don't know why people behave like before May 2023 women didn't get arrested for dissenting or standing for their rights/values/honor. It's been happening for decades. Nobody spoke or speaks for them. But a dozen elite PTI women are arrested and people are outraged. Show the same outrage for all female detainees. And not only females. Many innocent males languish in jails too. The abuse faced by also faced by males. Remember, how a woman made a recording sent to then PM Imran Khan, telling and appealing to him to end the horrible abuse, prostitution and forced abortions of female detainees? He did nothing about it. Dawn was the only news media to cover those news. Those in power were quick to label the recording fake and silenced it. Articles still in Dawn archives. 'First they came for the poor women I said nothing Then they came for middle class women I said nothing ... One day they came for me But there was no one left to speak for me' (My rewrite of a famous quote by a German priest.) All I can say is good she is out. Others are not so fortunate.
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Ehsan Mar 26, 2024 07:37pm
Strong people stand by their principles rest of us weaklings compromise
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Intazar mahdi Mar 26, 2024 10:51pm
Well said about her belief and commitment.
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John Malik Mar 27, 2024 04:56am
Seriously? OK. Who are these people and why and what exactly is the purpose of this waste of newspaper real estate? Lol@Queen with conviction. Or Convicted queen!
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