Adnan Malik and Mushk Kaleem wrap us in a world of old school romance in Elan's latest campaign

Adnan Malik and Mushk Kaleem wrap us in a world of old school romance in Elan's latest campaign

New photos tease some ethereal romance and chemistry between the two celebrity models.
25 Aug, 2021

The new trend of spinning stories out of fashion is here to stay and luxury label Elan has proved that. It recently posted photos of its latest designer-wear campaign featuring intricate embroidery, delicate pastel hues and two celebrity models with lots of chemistry.

Actor Adnan Malik and model Mushk Kaleem are the stars of Elan's latest campaign. The brand has posted a few photos from the campaign and the concept clearly seems to be a quiet and contemplative romance between Malik and Kaleem, two impeccably dressed lovers.

The campaign is called ‘Shalimar' and is a "tale of love and duty" in which Malik plays Firuz, "a young minister with grand aspirations for his political future". Firuz finds "the perfect companion in the literary and cultured Shahbanu", who is played by Kaleem. Elan steadily unveiled Firuz and Shahbanu's story in captions of the campaign's Instagram pictures, and the narrative definitely has all the makings of a passionate and politically driven novel.

We get to find out about the alluring Shahbanu who is "renowned for her qualities of empathy and compassion amongst peers was well prepared for the role she was expected to play after marrying Firuz". Shahbanu has brains to match her charm of course, and has done her Masters in political science and philosophy. She's also an "active participant in Firuz’s public life as well as a founder of independent initiatives for the empowerment and education of women".

Firuz himself is quite the dashing man. His role in the public sphere "represented a new wave of enlightened and progressive leaders". Of course being a public figure comes with its challenges and Firuz hopes to find the perfect partner who's more than up to task in facing these challenges with him.

Elan spins an intricate story that features both friends and foes, a narrative that reminds us of the Faiza Saqlain campaign modelled by Syra Yousuf. Faiza Saqlain's campaign also had a complex storyline steadily unveiled through its copywriting and it left many people wondering less about the designs and more about who was writing the narrative. It seems that Saqlain's campaign left quite the impression on Elan's creative head.

Elan's latest collection and campaign have been conceived by Elan's creative director Khadijah Shah and will soon be launched on the brand's website and in retail stores soon.