Huda Kattan calls on content creators to share stories of being ‘ghosted for genocide’

Huda Kattan calls on content creators to share stories of being ‘ghosted for genocide’

She wants people who are losing work because of their pro-Palestine stance to name and shame companies.
01 Jan, 2024

Huda Kattan, the Iraqi-American beauty mogul behind Huda Beauty, wants influencers and other content creators to name and shame the companies who won’t work with them because they’ve spoken about Palestine.

In an Instagram video, Kattan called on people to share the stories with the hashtag Ghosted For Genocide to spread awareness and hold these companies accountable.

“It’s so hard to find the strength and courage to use your voice, it’s so intimidating, it’s so scary and then when we finally do we face intimidation, blacklists and ghosting,” she said, calling it disheartening that people are losing their livelihoods for speaking up for Palestine.

Kattan said we must hold companies accountable because “publicly they’re not taking stances — even though they kind of are — but behind closed doors they’re taking serious stances” and refusing to work with people who’ve been vocal in their support for Palestine.

“It’s really unfair because we’re using our voices, and we’re being punished but on the other hand, you face no consequences for deciding to take opportunities away from people,” she said, referring to companies that are blacklisting content creators.

“We should talk about who is blacklisting you, who has chosen to take away business opportunities from you, who has chosen to ghost you just because you’ve spoken up against genocide,” said the beauty mogul who also started off as a content creator.

Calling these unprecedented times, she slammed “people choosing to sit on the sidelines and be silent but in many ways be complicit in what’s going on”. “As a business owner, I believe they should be held accountable,” she said.

Kattan said that she truly believes that by sharing these stories, “we can actually create change”.

She called on people to post their stories of being ghosted and share how they have been treated behind closed doors with the hashtag #ghostedforgenocide and for everyone to rally together to support each other.

Kattan and Huda Beauty donated $1 million to humanitarian organisations to Gaza and she has been very vocal in her support of Palestine. She also started a watermelon blush challenge to spread awareness about Palestine and the violence being inflicted upon people there.