Huda Beauty to donate $1m to humanitarian organisations in Gaza

Huda Beauty to donate $1m to humanitarian organisations in Gaza

Beauty mogul Huda Kattan has been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause.
Updated 07 Nov, 2023

Beauty mogul Huda Kattan, known for her namesake Huda Beauty makeup line, has announced that her company will be donating $1 million to relief efforts in Gaza.

“It’s been A MONTH of immense suffering in Gaza, and unfortunately things are getting worse,” Kattan wrote in an Instagram post.

“It is important that we always stand on the side of the oppressed and use our platforms to shed light on any injustice. We cannot stand by and pretend like this is not happening. Our Huda Beauty brands, including Huda Beauty, Kayali and WISHFUL, will be donating $1 million to humanitarian organisations in Gaza.”

She thanked people who have bought her products and said it is because of them that she is able to make the donation. “So thank you for your support. Together, we can bring change.”

Kattan, an Iraqi-American based in Dubai, has been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause and gained widespread praise for her outspoken support. One notable incident was when an Israeli fan of her products commented on page, scolding her for her support of Palestine and threatening that no Israelis would buy from her again. Kattan’s response was quite simple and to the point — “I don’t want blood money.”

She also made several calls for donations and urged people not to stop posting and talking about Palestine on their platforms.

The siege of Gaza has entered its 32nd day and the death toll has crossed the 10,000-mark. Protests are being held around the world calling for a ceasefire and for more humanitarian aid to be allowed to enter Gaza.

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty also recently announced that it would be donating to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and Israeli Magen David Adom.