Kim Kardashian’s shroud-like Christmas gift wrapping has sparked outrage online

Kim Kardashian’s shroud-like Christmas gift wrapping has sparked outrage online

People believed it was a deliberate move to hurt Palestinian supporters.
25 Dec, 2023

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is the centre of a new controversy after she shared videos of her Christmas gift wrapping on Instagram.

Kardashian, 43, shared on Instagram that her gifts were wrapped in cotton jersey fabric T-shirts from her brand SKIMS, emphasising their potential for future reuse. However, social media users quickly pointed out the similarity between the packaging style and Muslim funeral shrouds.

Users expressed disapproval of Kardashian’s choice, suggesting she was being insensitive to cultural traditions, especially in the context of ongoing violence and deaths in Palestine.

Some questioned the decision to use a wrapping style associated with Muslim funeral practices, suggesting it was a deliberate move to provoke and hurt Palestinians and profit from the rage of their supporters.

Some highlighted the believed deliberate nature of the wrapping choice, referencing previous instances, such as her children’s zombie Halloween costumes that resembled injured Gaza children.

Critics also highlighted the perceived incongruity of Kardashian’s sustainability efforts, given her frequent use of private jets and the resulting environmental impact.

Kardashian expressed her support of Israel in the wake of the October 7 attack. She issued a lengthy statement expressing her support for Israel at the time and has not addressed the issue again.

Earlier this month fashion retailer Zara shared a campaign showcasing model Kristen McMenamy holding a mannequin draped in white fabric, which resembled the shrouded bodies of victims of Israel’s indiscriminate war on Gaza. Meanwhile, other mannequins were depicted missing limbs amid a backdrop of rubble. There were also the pieces of plasterboard in the background of the image which resembled an upside down map of Palestine.

Social media users called out Zara for their insensitive campaign and called for the brand’s boycott after which the brand removed the pictures from their social media handles and their website.

British retailer Marks and Spencer also came under fire for their advertisement campaign which depicted the burning of a Palestinian flag coloured papers.

When pro-Palestinian supporters called for the boycott of the brand, an apology was posted on their Instagram page.