Saboor Aly isn’t pleased with Mannat Murad’s ‘imitation’ of her wedding dress

Saboor Aly isn’t pleased with Mannat Murad’s ‘imitation’ of her wedding dress

The actor paid homage to her late mother on her special day by donning a wedding dress that mirrored the one she had worn.
Updated 16 Nov, 2023

Iqra Aziz and Talha Chahour’s ongoing drama series, Mannat Murad, currently airing on Geo TV, featured a wedding scene in its latest episode that has stirred up some drama. The scene stood out because the bride’s outfit was an exact replica of actor Saboor Aly’s real-life wedding dress.

In an Instagram story posted on Wednesday night, Aly expressed her displeasure over the situation and questioned how she was supposed to feel about this when someone copied her vision and moment, which had memories and sentiments attached to it.

Aly’s wedding attire, thoughtfully crafted by designer Faiza Saqlain, was a touching homage to her late mother and closely resembled the outfit she wore on her own wedding day. The traditional dress, characterised by a champagne base and intricate handmade details, garnered a lot of praise on social media when she wore it on her wedding day.

Interestingly, the creators of Mannat Murad were not merely inspired by the dress but went to the extent of replicating almost the entirety of its design. This uncanny resemblance has not gone unnoticed, sparking viewer discussions and comparisons.

Critics on social media argue that the drama production team’s replication of Aly’s wedding dress raises ethical concerns, as it occurred without obtaining proper permission from her — as became evident with her story.

Conversely, some contend that the dress, as a designer’s creation, is accessible for anyone to replicate and the entire situation isn’t a big deal.

Aziz hasn’t commented on the situation, nor have writer Nida Akhtar or director Syed Wajahat Hussain.

Designer Faiza Saqlain responded to the controversy on Thursday afternoon. In a statement posted on her personal Instagram account, Saqlain emphasised that proposing colours and incorporating minor details does not result in a creation over which the bride has “copyright”.

She pointed out that the silhouette and craftsmanship are not unprecedented, asserting that the dress is a classic design that has been embraced by numerous brides in the past. The designer said she did not see the need for the uproar because “this particular jora is completely an FS bridal and we have all the rights to sell it and/or give it for further collaborations”.