Did we watch the same Barbie movie as Nadia Jamil?

Did we watch the same Barbie movie as Nadia Jamil?

Twitter can't get over her lengthy review of the movie and how much of the film seemed to go over her head.
26 Jul, 2023

The Barbie movie’s out and the responses seem to be mainly positive, with many people loving the message and depiction of womanhood. However, nothing is perfect, and everyone is entitled to their own critique. Actor Nadia Jamil’s criticism, though, was tough for people who’ve seen the movie to swallow.

We have to admit that it was confusing for us too. Sure, Ryan Gosling was great but that was NOT the main takeaway from this movie that focused so much on empowering women.

Twitter seems to think the movie’s message flew right over her head.

Even her fans are shocked because this is a surprising take coming from her. She’s well respected when it comes to activism, but we suppose we won’t be taking movie recommendations from her.

While some try to comprehend the ‘review,’ others tried to explain why exactly it’s inaccurate.

One user addressed the “man-hating” critique Jamil gave of the film and said it actually addresses both sexism and internalised misogyny, aka, both men and women putting down women.

Honestly, we agree.

In fact, many pointed out the depth and layers to the movie. It manages to be entertaining while also being meaningful and having depth. Maybe it just wasn’t Jamil’s cup of tea.

As much as we love her, it seems like Jamil really did miss the point of the movie. Everyone’s entitled to their own reviews but we have to say, this one really confused us. At least Ryan Gosling got some credit in her review, though it seems a bit ironic to us that the male lead was the only good thing about this very feminine, introspective look on womanhood.