Iconic doll, iconic eats: 7 foods to get you in the Barbie mood

Iconic doll, iconic eats: 7 foods to get you in the Barbie mood

Look good, taste good, and 100 per cent in line with Barbie’s aesthetic. What’s not to love?
Updated 21 Jul, 2023

Are you excited for the Barbie movie? Well, to help channel that energy into something Barbie centric, plus to make the wait more bearable, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Barbie-themed foods available in Pakistan!

We wouldn’t be surprised if some of these items made an appearance in the Barbie movie, given how cute they are.

Beetroot Hummus from Evergreen

We’re starting off strong and defying all of your sweet-toothed expectations with Evergreen’s Beetroot Hummus! Part of their Rainbow Hummus, its bright pink hue perfectly matches Barbie’s colour palette. Plus, it’s an adventurous twist on classic hummus, so what’s not to love? Not only is it delicious, it’s healthy!

Rose Falooda from Yousuf Falooda

Next up, and maybe with a little cultural bias, we have an undisputed dessert champion — falooda! Although Karachi’s is pretty hard to beat, we’ll be recommending Lahore’s, particularly this one from Yousuf Falooda, just for how well it fits into Barbie’s aesthetic! If she ever got to try it, we’re sure the vibrant colours and to-die-for flavours would make it a staple dessert in her diet. Plus, the rose syrup and petals? Tell us that’s not Barbie.

Frozen Smoothie Bowl from Xander’s

Another healthy addition to the list is Xander’s Frozen Smoothie Bowl — they’re just being extra fancy with that name, but whatever, the food is worth it! With its fun, vibrant and pink presentation, it perfectly reflects the playful and lively aspect of Barbie with an explosion of flavour that leaves you feeling not just on cloud nine, but also energised and pumped! Trust us, you can’t go wrong with a smoothie bowl.

Croquemboush by Zahra’s Luxe Pastries

Perfectly crafted and beautiful, these pastel-hued delights will transport you to a whimsical world of Barbie, where every bite is a journey into the magic of childhood dreams. So, treat yourself and your loved ones by truly enjoying the summer with ZAHRA — Les pâtisseries de luxe!

Rose n Pistachio Entremet Cake by Dear Croissant

Indulge in the wonderful flavour combination of floral and nutty, a balance between sweet and savoury, just like Barbie! With the design, colour and balance, this cake by Dear Croissant just embodies the character completely.

Kashmiri Chai Cookies from Ma’s Bake House

If you enjoy the taste of cardamom, cinnamon, and the subtle touch of saffron, then you’ll love these cookies. They look good, are Kashmiri chai flavoured so definitely taste good, and are 100 per cent in line with Barbie’s aesthetic.

Rose Ice Cream from Peshawari Ice Cream

Last, but definitely not least, Rose Peshawari ice cream! With its delicate pink colour and aromatic rose flavour, it’s a wonderful representation of Barbie and not just because of the colour! With the natural taste and colour, it’s a pure and subtle addition to anyone’s menu — which you can get at Karachi’s classic Peshawari Ice Cream.