Review: Is Zero Makeup’s Liquid Foundation worth the hype?

Review: Is Zero Makeup’s Liquid Foundation worth the hype?

I tried Nabila's newest foundation to see whether it's worth the Rs4,900 it's being sold for.
02 Aug, 2023

I tried the Zero Liquid Foundation by Zero Makeup, owned by renowned makeup artist Nabila to determine whether it lives up to the hype.

Images was sent a bottle of foundation and brush by Zero Makeup to try out. To start with, the packaging is quite basic and similar to the Body Shop foundation, with a plastic bottle. It was easy to use, but not particularly impressive. One aspect that surprised me was the limited shade range — with only five options available, it falls short compared to other brands offering a far wider and more inclusive variety. Obviously, this will be very disappointing for anyone who doesn’t fall on their five-colour shade range.

The foundation claims to cater to all skin types, but I found it less suitable for dry skin. As someone with combination skin, it worked fine for me, but my colleague with dry skin felt it looked too dry on her.

In terms of coverage, it offers medium to high coverage, making it perfect for special occasions or when you want a more polished look. Two pumps were sufficient for light to medium coverage. As someone who prefers using just concealer on a daily basis, I found it a bit heavy and would instead reserve it for lunch or dinner outings. It does effectively conceal imperfections though, so it’s doing what it promises to.

While the brand claims to provide a dewy finish, I personally felt it gave more of a matte finish. To achieve a dewy look, I mixed it with Mac’s strobe cream, which gave me a beautiful glow without feeling overly heavy.

During the three days of Eid, I used this foundation and loved the radiant makeup look I achieved, which stayed intact throughout the day, even in the scorching heat. It definitely has long-wear capabilities.

 Me wearing the foundation on Eid!
Me wearing the foundation on Eid!

I didn’t find it particularly hydrating, but it had a lighter texture compared to other foundations. It feels lighter than Huda Beauty and Tarte’s full-coverage foundations but thicker than Bobbi Brown, Georgio Armani, Too Faced and Fenty’s foundations.

The addition of Vitamin E is a great feature since it is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damage caused by the sun. It also moisturises, hydrates and has UV protection. While Vitamin E alone cannot replace a dedicated sunscreen, it does provide some level of protection against harmful UV rays. It works by neutralising the free radicals generated by UV exposure, helping to prevent sun damage.

Priced at Rs4,999, it is on the higher side compared to local brands like Beautify by Amna (Rs1,650), Luscious (Rs3,250), Miss Rose (Rs599), J. (Rs3,500), or Masarrat Misbah Makeup (Rs4,149). Given Nabila’s popularity, the higher price point may be justified, as a self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast who believes that foundation is the holy grail of a flawless look, I personally prefer to splurge on international brands. I use Bobbi Brown foundation, which gives me a more flawless dewy finish, has a seamless blend and has a skin-enhancing formula. The Zero Liquid Foundation doesn’t reach that level, however, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly local option, it’s a great choice.

The foundation came with an all-purpose brush that I absolutely loved. Initially, I thought the brush was absorbing too much product, but when I blended the foundation with it, the result was amazing. There was no creasing, and it provided a flawless finish. However, I believe that while it’s great for blending foundation and contouring, it can’t be used for other purposes, such as concealing or baking. Rs2,900 for a single brush also seems quote steep to me.

It’s important to weigh your personal preferences, skin type, and budget when considering the Zero Liquid Foundation. While it may have its shortcomings, it still offers decent coverage and long-wear capabilities, making it a suitable choice for special occasions or for those seeking a local brand. I just wish they had a better shade range.