Stepson of Titanic submersible victim engages in heated online argument with rapper Cardi B

Stepson of Titanic submersible victim engages in heated online argument with rapper Cardi B

Brian Szasz was bashed by people online for his choice to attend a Blink-182 concert the same day the submersible carrying his stepfather lost contact.
24 Jun, 2023

Brian Szasz, the stepson of British billionaire Hamish Harding — who is among the five people who died when their submersible imploded in the North Atlantic during a deep dive to the Titanic wreck — faced backlash for attending a Blink-182 concert the day it was reported that the submersible had lost contact. Internet users bashed Szasz for constantly posting about the concert and one of his critics was rapper Cardi B.

This led to a heated exchange on social media.

Cardi B took to Instagram to address the matter, voicing her dissatisfaction with the stepson’s choice. She questioned his decision to attend a concert while his stepfather was missing, suggesting that it would be more appropriate for him to stay at home and express sadness over the situation, saying, “Ay so one of the billionaires that’s missing underwater, on the submarine sh*t…. One of the billionaires, their stepson is at the concert, right, a Blink-182 concert.

“People was like, ‘Uh what is he supposed to do, be sad at the house? Is he supposed to go look for him himself?’ Yes you’re supposed to be at the house sad,” she said. “…Isn’t it sad that you a whole fu***** billionaire, and nobody gives a f*** about you.”

Cardi B expressed her disbelief that someone with immense wealth could seemingly be disregarded by others, contrasting it with the value of being loved, especially in times of difficulty. She concluded by saying, “That’s crazy. I’d rather be broke and poor, but knowing that I’m loved.”

In response to the artist’s remarks, the stepson took to Twitter to defend his actions, in a Tweet which has now been deleted, saying, “What a pos trashy celeb. Cardi B trying to get clout off me and my family’s [sic] suffering. I went to a Blink-182 concert for coping rather than sitting at home and watching the news. Shame on you Cardi, get some class!”

The ‘I Like It’ singer promptly fired back on Twitter, sticking by her initial stance. She clarified that her point was to highlight the worldwide concern for the missing individuals on the submarine, contrasting it with the stepson’s behaviour of engaging with explicit content on OnlyFans and attending concerts. She criticised his apparent search for clout, suggesting that he became known only after mentioning his stepfather’s situation.

She added that people hate “spoiled brat billionaires” because they are disconnected from the realities faced by others and lack empathy.

The exchange between Cardi B and the stepson of the late billionaire garnered attention and generated mixed reactions among the public. Some supported Cardi B’s point of view, appreciating her call for empathy and condemning the stepson’s perceived insensitivity. Others argued that individuals cope with difficult situations differently and should not be judged solely based on their actions during trying times.