14 Aug, 2021

Pakistani artist Misha Japanwala, who is known for her wearable sculptures, has made headlines again, this time for her work being featured in the music video for Cardi B and Lizzo's new song 'Rumours'.

Japanwala has worked with Cardi B before as well when she made a mould of her for her pregnancy announcement. This time, the young artist made a custom gold breastplate and arm cuff for the rapper.

"You thought I was finished?!" Japanwala wrote on Instagram, sharing a video clip from the song. "If you need me I’ll be blasting the speakers and shaking my a** to this song for the rest of the weekend. Not sorry to my neighbours," she said.

Japanwala's work centres around the female body and she often makes wearable breastplates. They've also been featured in Vogue and model Gigi Hadid's Gigi’s Journal Part II, a special issue of V Magazine.

“This is the reclamation of our bodies in art and how we want to depict them and what we want to say about them,” the 25-year-old told Vogue in a February 26 interview. “The art that we consume globally is so heavily focused on the perspective of men and their view of female nudity.”

The artist also made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list earlier this year for her work.

The song, 'Rumours', is the first musical collaboration between Lizzo and Cardi B. The duo previously starred in the 2015 movie Hustlers together. The song was released on August 13 and has over four million views on YouTube so far.


Bilal Aug 14, 2021 01:18pm
The video puke inducing.
Say no to political correctness Aug 14, 2021 01:20pm
Daredevil Aug 14, 2021 01:35pm
Very beautiful pair of breasts and the plate!
GreenAura Aug 14, 2021 03:52pm
Great job Japanwala. Keep excelling at whatever you do, while India keeps trying to nix our creative arts.
Ali Mehdi Aug 14, 2021 06:25pm
What is the singer wearing in her ears. Is it also something carved out of human body.
AHAQ Aug 14, 2021 06:36pm
Plastic surgery and faking is common thing for showbiz
John Aug 14, 2021 11:57pm
Please show the entire picture
Secularist Aug 15, 2021 01:16am
Congratulations on breaking the export records! Apparently, the nail on her left fat toe was filed using emory strip produced in New Guinea. Congratulations, New Guinea!
Captain Safdar Aug 15, 2021 03:17am
And what exactly this ‘Pakistani’ designer done to glorify Pakistani values?
tokalamr Aug 16, 2021 01:33pm
Beauty is in the hands of beholder... We are not judges to her.
NK Aug 16, 2021 06:53pm
@Say no to political correctness Oh Wow! Someone said great.
Elgrande Ricardo Aug 18, 2021 08:09pm
When will this walking venereal disease spreader go away. Go back to stripping and drugging your customers you disgusting tramp
Gollum Aug 19, 2021 06:06pm
Japanwalla from Pakistan?
Nana 2 9 Aug 21, 2021 02:34am
@Elgrande Ricardo Sounds like ur jealous