Atabik Mohsin lands leading role in Turkish series Koyu Beyaz

Atabik Mohsin lands leading role in Turkish series Koyu Beyaz

The actor will be playing one of the main leads in the upcoming Turkish series that also features Atiqa Odho and Tauseeq Haider.
04 May, 2023

Atabik Mohsin, an actor from Pakistan, is set to play a lead role in a Turkish drama, Koyu Beyaz.

The actor was previously seen in HUM TV dramas Bharaas and Badnaseeb as well as ARY Digital drama Pardes.

The comedy-drama series also features Pakistani actors Atiqa Odho and Tauseeq Haider, along with Turkish actors Nisa Bölükbaş and Atakan Hoşgören. It is directed by Bulent Isbilen and will be released on TRT Digital on May 7.

Mohsin will be playing the role of Ferhan. In a press release, he said, “The experience has been wonderful; I’ve learned a lot, and although it was difficult at first to act in a language I didn’t know, things are going well.”

He also spoke about his experience working on set. “My director and the rest of the team are meticulous experts who strive for perfection. Having grown up admiring Atiqa Jee and Tauseeq Sir, I also had the opportunity to work with them,” he said.

“I hope that this paved the path for other Pakistani performers to work in Turkey and for more future co-productions between Turkey and Pakistan,” said the young actor.

Although the storyline of the series remains unclear, it has certainly piqued potential viewers’ interest.

Pakistanis love watching Turkish content, as exhibited by the popularity of Ertugrul and its spin-off shows as well as the translation of several Turkish dramas into Urdu. There is even a collaborative project under way between the two countries — Selahaddin Eyyubi.

It’ll be exciting to see more of our actors in foreign entertainment industries, representing Pakistan and making us proud!