Upcoming TV show College Gate looks like a breath of fresh air

Upcoming TV show College Gate looks like a breath of fresh air

The coming-of-age drama will hit your television screens on Green Entertainment on April 28 and doesn't seem to have any saas-bahu problems in it. Score!
19 Apr, 2023

No one can deny that there exists a dearth of dramas that tell the stories of teenagers and young adults on our television screens. Amid the sea of saas-bahu and romance dramas, Green Entertainment is bringing a drama that seems like a breath of fresh air titled College Gate.

Set in a private college, the coming-of-age drama will revolve around the lives of young group of friends who come from different backgrounds. Produced by A & F Productions in association with Multiverse Entertainment, it is directed by Fahim Burney, written by Ateeq Inayat and Ali Sikandar, and executive produced by Fasih Ur Rehman.

Green Entertainment — which is an upcoming TV channel launching on April 28 — released the trailer for the drama on YouTube today and we are already intrigued.

The trailer begins with a nostalgic narrator saying that the few years spent inside the college gate are so beautiful for each person that often they are remembered by referring them as the “golden days”. Introducing a group of friends who appear to be having the time of their lives at their stunning college campus, the trailer takes a drastic turn when adults appear. We see an old man who appears to be the principal (or someone in authority) telling a student to “get out” while the latter is literally on his knees, begging for forgiveness.

We see a series of shots and sequences with parents scolding the kids and them trying to cope with the parental pressure and stress with the help of their friends. Each character from the friend group is shown to have a unique family background and problems.

But all is well when they’ve got each other’s backs. The trailer shows them dancing, laughing, singing, playing and cherishing every second of their time together at college.

“In a world full of conformity, a bunch of college students choose to walk the road less travelled; in hopes of discovering themselves and chasing dreams. How will the social norms and generic family dynamics hinder them?” the channel said, revealing the show’s first look on Instagram.

The drama will feature young and emerging talents such as Zarrar Khan, Natalia Castillo Shahid, Khaqan Shahnawaz, Hina Chaudhry, Mamia Shajaffar, Shuja Asad, Washma Fatima, Nouman Kahout and Asad Chaudhry.

Along with new faces, well known actors such as Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed and Nadia Hussain will also be seen in the show.