International YouTubers and actors inspired Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf to do their own housework

International YouTubers and actors inspired Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf to do their own housework

The couple revealed that ever since they moved nine months ago, they have managed all their house chores themselves.
08 Apr, 2023

Actors Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf recently came on Nida Yasir’s show Sha e Sahoor, in which they spoke about their journey in the entertainment industry and married life.

During a session, the host asked them how they manage if the house help doesn’t come, to which Ali said, “I want to tell everyone that we don’t have any house help at home. There is nobody to clean, nobody to wash clothes and iron them or to cook food. We do all our house chores ourselves.”

The couple revealed that after shifting to a new house nine months ago they have not kept any house help. Ali said that they were inspired by the YouTubers and actors who live abroad and have nobody to help them with their daily chores. Also, it was difficult for them to manage the timings of any staff.

The Zakham actor said, “What we decided was that every Sunday we make sure to do deep cleaning of the house and manage it ourselves.” He revealed that they manage their house themselves now, alongside their work. Altaf takes care of all the cleaning while Aagha cooks.

Altaf agreed and added that “it’s good for privacy as well.” Yasir asked the VJ-turned-actor if she used to work at home before her marriage, to which the actor responded, “I used to do some things but we have help at home. But I have been doing everything myself for the past eight to nine months for the first time.”

They also urged others to take care of their work themselves and not depend on others because the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did that and it’s a great way to keep yourselves fit. “Whenever I used to look at people, I used to think that it’s part of our culture that we have others doing our work and we don’t do it ourselves. This has helped me to keep myself fit. I don’t sit idle when I get an off from work.”