The crossover no one thought would happen — Ali Zafar and Elon Musk discuss social media strategies on Twitter

Published 04 Nov, 2022 11:46am

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The owner and CEO of Twitter seems to agree with the singer's suggestions about making content more accessible across borders.

If you’ve heard about the concept of alternate realities, you know there’s a world out there for every possibility. In one of those realities, Ali Zafar and Elon Musk are chatting about social media strategies — oh, no wait, it’s this one.

The owner and CEO of Twitter posted a poll on Monday, asking if video sharing platform Vine should be making a comeback. A majority voted yes.

American YouTuber Mr Beast found the possibility entertaining, as Vine would probably have to compete with TikTok, which took off after the demise of Vine. Musk was thinking strategically though, he asked how can Vine outdo TikTok.

Pakistani singer Zafar had some big ideas. He listed them down, wanting to tear the fabric of the usual likes and followers, wanting to go more grand with it by creating a whole virtual world. “Bigger incentives for content creators. Go beyond ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. Enable them to build their own on line digital empires. A world they can create, learn and earn from. Clubs. Rooms. Likeminded people connecting, creating, auctioning, selling, monetising, sharing,” he wrote.

He added a suggestion for Twitter too, saying the algorithms need to change, content should be made more accessible across borders. “A person sitting in US should be able to come across content being made in Japan more easily and vice versa,” he said. The Tesla CEO agreed and said though Japan has many active content creators who have amazing content, it is not seen outside the country very much.

In the same Twitter thread, a user voiced wondered what was happening.

They weren’t the only ones shocked by the development.

A true multiverse of madness.

Some netizens thought the singer was just describing the Metaverse, which is not really doing that well so they weren’t impressed by the idea.

What platform would you prefer? Vine or Tik Tok?