Internet sensation Hasbulla claims people are ‘attacking’ him for nothing after cat abuse video

Internet sensation Hasbulla claims people are ‘attacking’ him for nothing after cat abuse video

The Russian internet star feels he was being very gentle with his cat while reprimanding her for disobeying him while the internet disagrees.
31 Mar, 2023

Even if you don’t follow Russian influencer Hasbulla Magomedov and keep up with his meme-tastic personality, it is very unlikely that you haven’t come across him. The 20-year-old is world famous and generally well-liked but a recent video of him hitting his cat has got the internet on the fence about how they feel about him. He released a statement claiming that he was gently reprimanding her and that netizens are making a big deal out of it.

On Friday, he shared a video statement in response to the backlash he received to provide the “full picture”. “Those brothers [who] think that I was beating the cat, pulled the ear, this and that, I pulled the ear gently,” he said. “I know people are waiting for the moment [for me to] write something wrong to attack me like this, like, ‘you do this, you do that’. She [Barksik] was misbehaving and I just pulled the ear, that’s it.”

“I love my cat more than you, if I didn’t love the cat, I wouldn’t have it at home. My [favourite] animal is cat[s] and when she disobeyed, I scolded her a little. You are attacking me for nothing,” he concluded.

Around two days ago, Hasbulla shared a video of him hitting his cat that was quickly deleted after people called him out for mistreating the animal. The clip may have disappeared from his profile but it was circulating the internet, causing anger towards Hasbulla to snowball.

In the video, he can be seen pulling his cat’s ear, lightly smacking her before she runs off and jumps inside a box. Then he hits her on the head more aggressively, all the while scolding her in Russian.

Twitter is not okay with this sort of behaviour towards animals. People have got their pitchforks out, ready to blast Hasbulla for being mean to his cat. They have been triggered by what they witnessed and want to free the feline.

Hasbulla claimed that he was trying to discipline his cat and while pet owners do actively train their little furry friends to know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, you’re not supposed to hit your pet. You’re supposed to be gentle with them and use kinder methods to teach them right from wrong.