‘Welcome to Phadda Super League’: Multan Sultans won the match but players’ fights won the internet

‘Welcome to Phadda Super League’: Multan Sultans won the match but players’ fights won the internet

The Multan Sultans beat the Lahore Qalandars and reached the PSL final in the most shocking way possible and all netizens can focus on are the 'phaddas'.
Updated 16 Mar, 2023

The Multan Sultans have succeeded in reaching the final of the Pakistan Super League for the third time. And boy, it was a wild journey. They had everyone glued to their television screens on Wednesday night during their match with the Lahore Qalandars. The blue (and green) shirts managed to beat the Qalandars by an astounding 84 runs with more than five overs left. The match had netizens in a frenzy but the shocking scorecard wasn’t the only reason for it.

The match was filled with heated moments but a face-off between the Qalandars’ Shaheen Shah Afridi and the Sultans’ Kieron Pollard had netizens rejoicing that the PSL has finally ‘peaked’. Who doesn’t like watching some drama and fights, after all?

A Shaheen fan applauded his bravery to stand up to a cricketing veteran like Pollard, who was also named player of the match.

However, another fan reminded everyone that the West Indian wasn’t Bismillah Khan — someone who was dismissed shortly after an on-field spat with Shaheen.

Everyone needs to chill, tbh.

Shaheen and Pollard’s face-off wasn’t the only heated moment of the night. Rilee Rossouw and Fakhar Zaman also had a brief confrontation that was celebrated by cricket fans online. Talk about being a ‘gentlemen’s game’.

A fight or a Lahori giving directions?

There’s other stuff going down in the country right now guys.

Does PSL actually stand for ‘Phadda Super League’? Some fans think so.

Multan’s through to the final. Who else do you think will make it through?

Header image: Lahore Qalandars/Instagram