It's PSL time! Pakistani Twitter finds the opening ceremony short but electrifying

It's PSL time! Pakistani Twitter finds the opening ceremony short but electrifying

The curtain-raiser featured three skydiving parachute athletes, the PM's PSL video and PSL anthem by Atif Aslam and Aima Baig.
27 Jan, 2022

The PSL officially began on Jan 27 but it's been in our top Twitter trends for days before it was even inaugurated. That alone speaks for the excitement brewing in the country for the tournament, Naturally, the curtain raiser was live streamed by thousands who found the short-lived ceremony energising and got them hyped up for the first match between the Karachi Kings and Multan Sultans at 8pm.

The opening ceremony consisted of three parachute athletes skydiving with the ball that was to be used in the first match, PM Imran Khan's opening video and a live performance of the PSL anthem by Atif Aslam and Aima Baig. The curtain-raiser was preceded by a documentary exploring the history of Pakistani cricket.

Love for cricket has infected Pakistanis once again and netizens are flooding Twitter with their reactions to the curtain-raiser.

Turns out the PSL was trending in our neighbouring country as well, before it even started.

Though a lot of us felt like this.

Overall, people loved the opening ceremony.

Despite the short duration, netizens couldn't help but appreciate the setting.

Some pointed out their favourite parts.

While others pointed out things they didn't love and some meme-worthy content.

Generally, this is the state of affairs, though.

Users are excited about two strong opponents facing off.

Predictions are flying in and polls are being created.

This time around, everything is more intense with the Pakistani team doing so well in the World Cup series late last year, the players bagging ICC awards the past week and the fact that an audience will be present at the stadium, unlike last year.


M. Emad Jan 27, 2022 11:05pm
PSL opening ceremony not so Interesting, rather Boring-Dull.
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Ahmad Jan 27, 2022 11:17pm
PSL vs IPL ........ More fun and enjoyment in PSL matches than IPL, cricket lovers all over the world loved to watch PSL matches and enjoy it.
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Fastrack Jan 28, 2022 05:36am
PSL is THE cricket.
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Viq saad Jan 28, 2022 06:11am
Absolutely love my Karachi, this is the heart of country where everything happens with a style.
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 28, 2022 06:18am
United we stand, divided we fall.
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I love u Pakistan Jan 28, 2022 06:43am
India will always cry when they remember 10Wicket defeat.... Lol I will tell my grandkids I watched that match live.
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John Jan 28, 2022 08:44am
What is PSL does anyone care
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Asad Jan 28, 2022 10:41am
@Ahmad only if wishes were horses
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Ayesha Jan 28, 2022 10:42am
@I love u Pakistan 13-1
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time_travel Jan 28, 2022 10:42am
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Daredevil Jan 28, 2022 10:46am
Keep shining Karachi, looks awesome.
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Kabira Jan 28, 2022 10:59am
The country does not have money to support the masses but has money to do all these shows... Even the inaugural video was a copy of 2012 Olympics video....
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Anonymouseee Jan 28, 2022 11:07am
Who cares about the ceremony. I’m here to watch the PSL games which promise to be electric.
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Kiwi Jan 31, 2022 01:57am
@M. Emad Much entertaining than Bangladesh league.
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