Adnan Siddiqui shares his dreams of a better Pakistan

Adnan Siddiqui shares his dreams of a better Pakistan

The actor painted a picture of a relatively utopian country, saying he wants this for the next generation.
20 Feb, 2023

While it is true that Pakistanis are generally worried about something or the other on a daily basis, the recent economic recession has added an extra layer of anxiety to our troubles. Actor Adnan Siddiqui took to Instagram to address the matter by painting a utopian Pakistan where there’s water, electricity, currency appreciation, safety and peace. Calling it his dream, he pushed his followers to speak up instead of becoming stoic and accepting it.

On Sunday, he shared a video captioned, “We are living in a time of great uncertainty and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the challenges that we are facing. We once had a Pakistan that was thriving, a country that was a beacon of hope and opportunity, a picture perfect vision of our forefathers,” he said. “And now it is struggling to keep up with the changing times.”

The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor said he sees the hardships people face every day with so many people going hungry, struggling to make ends meet and losing their jobs. “It fills me with deep sadness and heartache,” he said.

“However, it is the future of our children that truly scares me. What kind of world are we leaving behind for them? Will they have to face even greater challenges and adversities than we are facing today? These are difficult questions to answer… Questions I don’t have any answers to.” Siddiqui said that there is calm after every storm and he hopes that it’s close by.

In the video, he went around his home describing the dream that he has for a better land. “I woke up today and witnessed something strange — you will be shocked too — there’s water coming out of the faucet with pressure, not air, there’s light, the dollar is worth Rs25. You can’t believe it, right? You can go anywhere in the world on the Pakistani passport, no need for a visa. There’s gas, electricity, don’t even ask about the law and order situation — it’s amazing — I’ll show you,” he said, filming the view outside his window. “Foreigners are swimming freely, there’s no fear, people are roaming, there’s only peace. This is Pakistan, peace dot com.”

Then pulling the curtains on reality, he backtracked and said, “No, this is my dream. This is the dream of my forefathers, mine too, who knows I might also pass away like them waiting for it to come true. What will happen to Pakistan’s new generation? Will they keep dreaming or will this actually happen? I pray that Pakistan witnesses such a miracle.”

Pushing his followers to speak up, he concluded, “Don’t be apathetic, look at Pakistan’s situation, say something.”