Ayesha Omar would rather spend on her body and health than ‘expensive branded shoes and bags’

Ayesha Omar would rather spend on her body and health than ‘expensive branded shoes and bags’

Her diet consists of clean, unprocessed, chemical-free food — a concept she wants to introduce in Karachi.
07 Feb, 2023

Some people like to save up and treat themselves to luxury items like branded shoes or bags but that’s not Ayesha Omar’s jam. She likes to spend her money on her body and health, which may just be her secret. Explaining to her audience that she doesn’t go on ridiculous diets, she said her balanced diet is unprocessed and free of chemicals, a concept she wants to introduce in Karachi.

On Tuesday, she took to Instagram to share photos of the kind of food she consumes and wrote, “No guys. Contrary to what you think, I don’t starve and I definitely don’t just eat ghaas phoos [leaves and grass]. I lift weights and live a very active life. It’s not possible to do that without eating a balanced diet. I love to eat. I love what I eat. And I eat to live, well!”

Omar said it’s “extremely sad and unfortunate” that don’t have many places that serve food that is “clean, unprocessed, chemical/hormone/pesticide/toxin free” made with local produce and ingredients in Pakistan. She added that she is working on a concept with someone to make this possible in Karachi.

The Bulbulay actor’s palette comprises of seafood, organic chicken and lean meat along with ample veggies, nuts, seeds, berries and fruits. “But I try to stay away from processed, over-cooked and definitely junk food, along with refined sugar, gluten and dairy. I try to eat fresh and clean food. Not too spicy or overcooked in processed seed oils. I cook my food in coconut oil or desi ghee,” she shared, saying she is “deeply grateful” to be able to afford good quality food and high quality organic vitamins and supplements. “Most of my earnings go into travelling and procuring good quality food and supplements. I’m not one to care about expensive branded shoes and bags. I’d rather spend on my body and health.”

Offering a peek into her travel diet, she said, “One should be consuming 60-70 per cent raw food (keeping the gorgeous colours of nature intact), making our plates look beautiful.”

Looks like something healthy this way comes.