Ayesha Omar reveals how she stays in such great shape

Ayesha Omar reveals how she stays in such great shape

Did you know she sometimes skips the gym for two to three months?
Updated 30 May, 2019

There's no denying Ayesha Omar is one of the fittest stars in the industry and truth be told, we want to get on her lifestyle!

Finally, after a two-year wait, the Bulbulay actor has kicked off her web series. In the short intro video, Ayesha speaks to fitness trainer Nusrat Hidayatullah about how she stays in such great shape. Here's what we picked up from the four-minute video.

Psst, take notes.

Ayesha Omar doesn't do fad diets

Contrary to popular belief, the actor revealed that she doesn't follow any fad diets. In fact she's got one catered to her specific needs.

"I don't believe in any diet, people think I diet but I don't. I have my own diet. I am always out and about and I need my meals with me and packed."

Ayesha Omar skips the gym for months... like a normal person

We can get behind that!

"I don’t exercise too much. I sometimes manage to go to the gym, sometimes I don’t go for 2-3 months."

Ayesha Omar is all about hormone-free food

She tells Nusrat, "I don't like to eat broiler chicken because they have (growth) hormones. So I need desi murghi and if I can’t get it then I want mutton or beef or fish."

Ayesha Omar's iftar is as healthy as it gets

"When I’m breaking my fast I like to have coconut water. I always have dates too because they are extremely healthy, so two dates and coconut water and then I like to have some mixed fruit (fruit chaat). Then I don't mind having a salad."

Err... is there such a thing as healthy pakoras?

Ayesha Omar eats whenever she feels like it

This doesn't seem challenging at all, but knowing that Ayesha only eats healthy, snacking would probably mean carrots and cucumbers...

"So I keep eating, I don't divide my food into meals. I used to eat every 2 hours but now whenever I feel hungry I eat."

If you can't already tell, Ayesha's diet is extremely clean, but she wants to change it up a bit and test out intermittent fasting. (It's like keeping a roza except you can drink water and have coffee during the fasting period.)

Before ending the conversation, Nusrat advised that people be conscious of their diets in the Holy month, "In Ramazan people change their eating habits [for worse] but you’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to continue to eat clean and good, just the distribution of the meals is different and that happens to be very beneficial for you."

"Your body is trying to heal and [instead] you’re taking in all these fried foods while your body is trying to go through a cleansing process. So please let the healing happen and the food you’re having aid the process." .