‘Whirlwind of twists’: Saba Qamar unveils first look of upcoming drama Sar-e-Rah

Published 21 Jan, 2023 11:19am

Images Staff

It also stars Muneeb Butt, Saboor Aly, Hareem Farooq and Sunita Marshall.

<p>Photo: Saba Qamar /Instagram</p>

Photo: Saba Qamar /Instagram

Tired of watching same old story on TV? Saba Qamar is here to present to you her upcoming drama Sar-e-Rah, which is all about personal stories and a “whirlwind of twists” with a lead cast starring Muneeb Butt, Saboor Aly, Hareem Farooq and Sunita Marshall.

Qamar shared the first look of Sar-e-Rah on Instagram on Friday that opens with her sitting in the driver’s seat of a taxi. As she starts the engine, the camera moves to a montage of other characters from the show such as Farooq and Butt. Qamar can be heard saying “pata nahi ye kya kahani hai [I don’t know what the story is about]” as the video reveals Aly as an influencer and Marshall as a doctor.

“Here’s the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT we’ve all been waiting for! ARY Digital is excited to present Sar-e-Rah — a new project portraying a thought-provoking story that brings together some of the biggest names from the drama industry,” wrote Qamar.

Announcing the star cast, the Fraud actor wrote that the upcoming project is a “whirlwind of twists”. The drama is being helmed under the banner of iDream Entertainment by director Ahmed Bhatti and written by Adeel Razaq.

Previously, Butt told Images, “It’s a six to seven-episode series, more like what you see on Netflix or Amazon. It’s a USAID series in which each episode will be based on a different story and [all of them] are excellent. It highlights all basic, social issues such as the stereotypes in our society, the way things are done and it breaks taboos. My character is of a guy who by birth is a hermaphrodite.”

He said that the drama reflects his character’s struggles and journey, and how he fights back against society. He receives an education with the support of his family and eventually, he opts for CSS and becomes an assistant commissioner.

“This has a beautiful message — we boycott such individuals from our society completely and they are left with a few options to work; becoming a sex worker, a dancer or begging at signals. So for them, it’s a message that if you study, work hard and don’t care about what people say then you too can achieve whatever you want,” the 30-year-old star had said.

The release date and time for the limited series have yet to be revealed