What we’re looking forward to at Karachi Eat 2023

What we’re looking forward to at Karachi Eat 2023

Beignets, tacos, corn dogs and mantus — we've got our list sorted.
06 Jan, 2023

A new year for Karachiites means one thing and one thing only — Karachi Eat. The annual food festival brings residents of the city a variety of cuisines and the discovery of new eateries.

This year marks the tenth edition of the food festival. It’s being held from today (Jan 6) till Jan 8 at Beach View Park.

Here are some stalls we’re looking forward to visiting.

Oakwood Fire and Grill

We love a good sandwich and by the looks of it, Oakwood Fire and Grill may have everything we want to try first. The caramelised onions and roast beef with mac and cheese has us sold.

Mantu House

Last year we discovered a newfound love for dumplings. This year, we hope to expand on that love with mantus, an authentic Afghani delicacy.


Did someone say tacos? We’re in! You don’t have to tell us twice to grab ourselves some soft and hard shell tacos because we’ll be standing in queue for as long as we can to give this a try.

Cinnamon Rush

You can’t go wrong with a cinnamon roll or bun. But have you tried them on stick? We haven’t — yet. We’ve got our eye on Cinnamon Rush’s specialty, especially on a chilly evening.

The Boys

If you live in Karachi you probably know that good corndogs are hard to find. At least for those of us who have tried a dozen from different places yet they never satisfy us. This year, we want to try The Boys!

##Sugar Melts

If you’re a Disney fan then you have probably have seen these in The Princess and the Frog. We’ll be happy to end our day (and food coma) with warm beignets from Sugar Melts.

Which stalls do you plan on visiting?