From gajar ka halwa to holay — here are some staple winter snacks to keep you cosy

Published 28 Dec, 2022 04:53pm

Images Staff

You can't deny that a warm cup of chai with toasted garbanzo beans is the perfect way to enjoy the chilly season.

Winter calls for munchies and in Pakistan, you have many options associated with the season. We may return to them every year but you just don’t get tired of these yummy treats. In our case, our day starts with a warm cup of chai and ends with snacks.

You have your basic but comfy go-tos such as hot chocolate, camping food like s’mores and halwas — especially carrot-based. And then there are simple but delicious snacks such as soup, dry fruits, gajak — also called chikki and brittle — and garbanzo beans.

We have compiled a list of winter snacks we think you should definitely get your hands on this season.


Soup on a chilly evening reminds us of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when Charlie would come home to his grandparents and mum, and they’d enjoy a warm bowl of cabbage soup. While the circumstances may be different in Charlie’s case, to have a bowl of soup with family as the weather gets chilly hits different.

Gajar ka halwa

Need we say more? Of course, gajar ka halwa had to make it to the list of scrumptious winter snacks because it’s a must-have. Even if you’re on a diet, gajar ka halwa serves as the perfect cheat-meal snack.

Dry fruits

A fistful of dry fruits won’t hurt anybody said no one ever because you can never have just a fistful of dry fruits. Pakistani — or perhaps even desi — households display them on the table throughout the winter season. Our favourite picks are pistachios, cashews and raisins. What about you?

Hot Chocolate

More towards the western side comes the hot chocolate trend. Even if you ignore it, a friend on Instagram or cooking accounts will badger you into having a cup of hot chocolate and soon you’re hooked. What we love in our hot chocolate is a little bit of peppermint candy to add our own spin to it.

Chikki (Peanut brittle)

If you are a true desi at heart who enjoys dry fruits, you probably like rice snacks and brittle placed near a lantern on a pushcart. Our favourite from the display are the almond and peanut brittle pieces because of the crunchy, sweet goodness and how it goes perfectly with a cup of green tea after a meal.

Holay (Garbanzo beans)

Green chickpeas are widely known as holay, at least for one of us while the other calls it fota in Sindhi. While we do want to know what you call this, green chickpeas are a perfect winter snack whether you roast it in a pan, boil it or even microwave it. We would also like to know how you make it at your house?

What’s your favourite winter snack? Let us know in the comments!