Updated 24 Jan, 2023

Team England, you don’t know it yet but you might have just riled up the bull by flashing a red card in front of it. Food is one thing Pakistanis know how to do well. We think you need to take some culinary leaps and try out some of these things because we guarantee you won’t find the same taste in England.

On Tuesday, ESPN tweeted that England have hired their own chef for the upcoming Test tour of Pakistan. This decision was taken due to concerns about the catering on offer during their seven-match T20I series in September. It was nothing drastic, they just didn’t find the food up to scratch and there were some upset stomachs, according to the publication.

When there’s a shift in cuisine, it is normal for your system to rebel against the foreign food. We’re hoping that England has broken the barrier and is ready to enjoy our food on their tour this year. We have prepared a short list of items that they must get their hands on.


Biryani was going to be number one — we knew it, you knew it, your mom’s neighbour’s dog knew it. Biryani supremacy is a real thing — nothing will ever compare. We hope you get to try these aromatic, serotonin-boosting rice.


Karahi is a must-try. In relation to biryani, we feel like it might be kind of underrated actually but this spicy tomato-based salan is just plain delightful. Try having it on a takht at a dhaba at nighttime under the sky. It’s a vibe.


We have to mix it up and add some lightness. Samosas will make for a great snack — there may be different varieties but aloo ka [potato-based] samosa is OG. Try the warm comfort food when they’re freshly fried, dipped in some ketchup or chatni.


The oil may look terrifying but that’s just the nihari trying to ward you off because once you try it, you will not want any of it to remain. Just looking at this makes us want to get some warm naan ASAP and get down to it.


Daal is a food that’s difficult to hate. It’s healthy, it’s yummy, it’s desi comfort food. Get you some rice and enjoy. An addition of achaar or paapar might enhance the experience for you.

Halwa Puri

Halwa puri is the dream breakfast for many Pakistanis. It is often had on Sundays when everyone in the family can wake up to the treat. It comes with three options for the puri — channay [chickpeas], aloo ki bhujjiya [potato curry] and halwa which is the sweet part. You get your protein, your carbs and a hint of dessert!

Gulab Jamun

If you leave without trying gulab jamun, you really missed out. These sugar syrup soaked balls should be the real stress balls — who needs stress when you’ve got dessert? They’re really good, especially when warm. Please bless your own life and try some.

What food do you think team England should try?


Alpha Ch Nov 22, 2022 06:07pm
People have different taste buds in other parts of the world. What may be sumptuous for us may not be so for them.
Ubaid Nov 22, 2022 06:21pm
They're here to play some competitive cricket instead of participating in a speed eating competition
atif Nov 22, 2022 06:21pm
they should stick to their own diet if they have fragile stomachs or immune systems, and perhaps we should do the same while touring and get desi khana instead of peeka tuss pakwan foreigners are used to.
Zeeshan Nov 22, 2022 06:26pm
In Rawalpindi the food is average. Haven’t tried the food in Karachi Lahore Multan.
Chacha Nov 22, 2022 06:27pm
Yes - No where in the world you will find variety and quality of Karachi food
Observer Nov 22, 2022 06:29pm
I think there is no need to be offended. Living abroad for sometime and offering the locals our spicy food. I know from experience that their gut gets upset easily with the level of spice we use. So in my opinion, they only want to avoid stomach upsets during the tour. Peace.
Constantine Nov 22, 2022 06:33pm
All the Pakistani foods featured here (nalli, biriyani, samosa? Seriously?) are very unhealthy and not eaten by sportspeople. Look at the oil floating on top of them. No wonder they’re getting their own chef.
NYS Nov 22, 2022 06:35pm
Good chef ploy Appetite with scrumptious food is okay
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Nov 22, 2022 06:36pm
They must try all great foods of the land of the greens.
Anonymouseee Nov 22, 2022 06:41pm
These britishers are too soft to enjoy real food.
FACT Nov 22, 2022 06:43pm
No they wont try anything. They will bring their own chef to make their own cuisines.
Imran Nov 22, 2022 06:46pm
So basically England just prefer tasteless bland food.
Hasnain Haque Nov 22, 2022 06:52pm
Let them have pasta, if that is what they want.
M. Saeed Nov 22, 2022 06:52pm
Of course, food is one thing we know how to do well. That is why we are so back in progressive development. People say that, if we were practical and not indulged in eating for living, we Muslims would still be ruling India.
Amazed Nov 22, 2022 06:55pm
Jalebis? Firni?
A Pakistani Nov 22, 2022 07:01pm
English are scared of the magic of our Biryani .
Confucious Nov 22, 2022 07:07pm
They make a reference to some Aussie report about not taking a chef along. But from what we saw in the videos was that they really enjoyed the local food. Some English players probably had some stomach bugs, but other than that it's not a big issue. I think we should let them prepare their own food rather than giving them a taste of local cuisine. No need to waste money there, PCB!
zafar Nov 22, 2022 07:23pm
Nothing beats our cuisine. England is more worried bout hygiene.
Tanvir Khan Nov 22, 2022 07:31pm
Unfortunately, there is no awareness of a healthy and balanced diet in Pakistan. The dishes shown in the photos are highly ACIDIC and very injurious to the health which is the immediate cause of Diabetics, high BP, heart attack, Obesity, and so on! According to nutritional science, at least 80% of the food in our thali should consist of Alkaline (non-acidic) food, and only 20% acidic!!! Alkaline foods are ONLY vegetables, fruits, and mother milk. The rest of the food products are from low acidic to highly acidic foods!!!
bhaRAT© Nov 22, 2022 07:39pm
Best of Pak food :)
KASH Nov 22, 2022 08:03pm
Rice and beans it is then
Manish Nov 22, 2022 08:26pm
nk Nov 22, 2022 08:31pm
Dear English team your travel blogger Harry Jaggard has been all over Pakistan eating everything even from road sides but have never complained.
Viq saad Nov 22, 2022 08:59pm
What do these brits know about spices, they grow up eating boiled potatoes
El Cid Nov 22, 2022 09:06pm
These Desi foods may be tasty for some but they are unhealthy and potentially toxic. They don't help build fitness, muscle or stamina, endurance or mental focus. They are not for athletes. However if you into being soft, flabby and diabetic, go eat away gorge yourself.
Arshad Khan Nov 22, 2022 09:17pm
Mughal cuisine is the world’s finest.
jsav12 Nov 22, 2022 09:39pm
Super unhealthy how most of this food is cooked, especially if not prepared at home. Not fit for sportsmen.
Rashid Nov 22, 2022 09:42pm
No athlete, international or other kind should eat these dishes.
Altaf Nov 22, 2022 10:29pm
All are Indian food. that is why in UK and US Pakistani restaurants call themselves as Indian restaurants.
Free Speech Nov 22, 2022 10:30pm
"Food is one thing Pakistanis know how to do well. We think you need to take some culinary leaps and try out some of these things because we guarantee you won’t find the same taste in England." They are entitled to enjoy their own food. If they can't get it the way they want it then they are free to get their own chef. They may not find the same taste in England, but most of them spend 2-3 months every year in India and have tasted the best. Besides, it not about taste, but primarily hygiene concern.
Faisal Nov 22, 2022 10:54pm
Well...Europens like our food...but they don't enjoy it for a longer run...the spices n stuff doesn't suit their stomach...hence they're allowed to eat ...have their own chef per their choice..nothing wrong with it!
Eik ball 3 wicktein Nov 22, 2022 11:08pm
Maybe food is the reason why our famous wicket keeper was Yawning on the field during 2018 WC against India?
John Nov 22, 2022 11:21pm
pakistani food is just oil and masala not for fit people
Konstantin Nov 22, 2022 11:45pm
Those foods shouldn't be given to Pakistani players too. Otherwise they'll sleep on the job
Chacha Jee Nov 23, 2022 12:01am
@atif Their Diet Includes Pork especiallyin the morning. . Every morning when Goras awake their breakfast consists of Bread, Eggs and (Pork) Sousages with Coffee. This is in all Europe and in USA as well.
Wahab UK Nov 23, 2022 12:21am
Desi food is not to everyone's liking, plus people with special dietary requirements need to be on a different menu.
Mal Nov 23, 2022 01:06am
Someone tell this blogger,that cricketers are sportsman unlike Pakistan team, everyone watches their diet and biryani,Karachi, samosa, Bihari are a big no no for sportsman
Syed Ahmed Nov 23, 2022 01:19am
Britain's players luv Pakistani cuisine let them enjoying the Pakistanis food specially Javed nihari Dhamtal halwa puri Nali biryani from lalo khet
Zeeshan Nov 23, 2022 01:54am
People in western countries are used to eating cuisine from all over the world since people from over the world live in western countries. Instead we in Pakistan and India are not used to different cuisine. Even the Chinese food is not real chinese. Besides sports people dont eat unhealthy Nihari and other foods mentioned here.
Jaan Rahmbo Nov 23, 2022 03:04am
Their own chef will prepare green salads daily, pasta and as a treat fish n chips so they won't miss home too much. Whether they have the energy, the will and the appetite to win games on such a diet remains to be seen.
Masood Haider Nov 23, 2022 05:00am
@Altaf No! Most desi restaurants advertise as ‘Indo- Pakistani Food’
TK Nov 23, 2022 05:41am
The team is probably looking for fresh fruit, yogurt, high protein energy bars, sandwiches with lean meats, with plenty of water and/or low carb zero caffeine drinks with salts and electrolytes. On the odd day they may treat themselves with a pastry. You give them Nihari and Gulab Jamun, they will become like Inzamam Ul Haq.
Alrehan Nov 23, 2022 05:55am
@Tanvir Khan What you saying is against our culture we can Paratha and halwa puri it's very common and also our ancestors ate that
Asif Nov 23, 2022 05:56am
Desi food is unhealthy, covered with masalas that change the whole taste of the actual food and is very bad for health. I am surprised that they ate local food.
Punjabi first Nov 23, 2022 06:46am
Food is not the issue here, it's the hygiene!
qbmx Nov 23, 2022 08:13am
Avoid all those pakistani foods listed above. it is the most unhealty
JS Nov 23, 2022 08:20am
The visuals that have been posted here as the gem of Pakistani culinary leap, don't look good. Too desi, bhai. Let them bring their Chef. And let stomachs be at peace.
Sumit Nov 23, 2022 09:01am
Atleast thier chef will not spit in the food
NN Nov 23, 2022 09:21am
@Altaf which planet are you from? A lot of restaurants in the UK take pride in identifying themselves as 'Pakistani'.
GreatestIdea Nov 23, 2022 09:52am
I love my Pakistani food... BUT pause for a moment and look at the pictures in the article.. it shows our dishes drenched and covered in oil/ghee. This is not what sports professionals will want to eat! Don't blame then tbh.
Just@Man Nov 23, 2022 09:54am
@Imran No no. It's not true. The English do like spice! I know that. It's just that consuming so much oil is not going to do anything good to the body for sure!
Just@Man Nov 23, 2022 10:40am
@Sumit oh...I didn't realise that your chefs do that.. Sad. Thanks for letting us know :)
Unknown Nov 23, 2022 11:57am
The best Biryani, Karahi and Nihari you can find only in Karachi and they've already approved & liked Karachi's food in the previous tour.
Waqar Nov 23, 2022 02:05pm
This new younger lot are more desi than people back home. Only thing being that we have lost our hygiene standards and hence the precaution.
gs Nov 23, 2022 02:51pm
@Alpha Ch No one anywhere in the world shall say no to the tasty food eaten by people in this part of the world. What more the moment famous Hollywood actor tasted Chicken Tikkah in a restaurant in England, he ordered another portion immediately. However the local food to fall for is Fish and Chips in Britan . Pizza in Italy. The base of Pizza is indeed a Naan topped with Pizza sauce , cheese, vegetable or Salami slices.
Jadoon Nov 23, 2022 02:55pm
They've hired a Chef precisely bcz we keep feeding Elite Players these foods