‘I am not a vampire’: Shehzad Roy denies anti-aging claims, Twitter refuses to believe him

Published 01 Dec, 2022 04:52pm

Images Staff

Netizens want directions to the singer's fountain of youth and his skincare routine.

Shehzad Roy just openly denied the possibility of his being a vampire but no one is buying it. Pakistani Twitter users have flooded the singer’s tweet with their disbelief, asking him to provide directions to the fountain of youth and drop his skincare routine.

On Wednesday, Roy responded to a tweet that featured a photo of him with a fan. The fan commented on the damage the years have done to him but none to the ‘Laga Reh’ singer. “What is this sorcery?’ he asked. Roy replied and said most people at 44 look like this and that he is not a vampire.

While we all stan a humble king, we can’t accept this answer because it would mean denying what’s right in front of our eyes. Many Twitter users sacrificed their pride and provided themselves as examples of ageing, saying they look older than the singer DESPITE being younger than him.

Exactly our thoughts.

Make it make sense.

Drop the skincare routine, king.

Please help a fan out, sir.

We demand an explanation.

People showed him what they think 44 year olds look like.


We hope your secret fountain of youth never runs out.

Jokes aside, we can only wish we look as good as you at 44, Shehzad Roy.