Twitter is obsessing over Shehzad Roy's youth again

Twitter is obsessing over Shehzad Roy's youth again

Who invited him to the #MeAt20 challenge?
Updated 20 Apr, 2020

For some reason,the latest Twitter trend is sharing pictures from when we were twenty.

The hashtag #MeAt20 has been making the rounds and we're seeing a lot of folks sharing their adolescent mugs and they look so different and adorable.

For example, look at Fahad Mustafa at 20 here.

But then Shehzad Roy decided to join in and share his picture from when he was 20. And all we're wondering is who invited him!?

Because in case you're wondering what he looked like at 20, it's what he looks like right now.

Like, probably at this very moment.

People have already lost it over how young he looks before but the sheer audacity of an ageless man like himself participating in a thread like this has brought the trends and memes back on Twitter.


Just how

The audacity!

Is this magic

Who's denying it?

We need answers okay??

Exposed? We've known!

Because it's the only logical explanation

*Seriously, not fair



Dr. Doctor Apr 20, 2020 07:06am
Tell him to grow a beard and take pictures after a month from today and we will judge.