Here's what we think is going to happen during the Pakistan vs England T20 World Cup final takes a guess at how the Green Shirts will perform in the much awaited match and so can you.
13 Nov, 2022

In a shocking turn of events, Pakistan is in the T20 World Cup final. While we may not fully understand how we got here, it fills our hearts with hope because that means anything can happen. And that is reflected in the findings of our short survey of match expectations around the office.

We're all mentally preparing ourselves for the Green Shirts' face-off with England today (Sunday) in Melbourne, clearing our schedules for the ultimate cricketing battle. Every cricket enthusiast is dreaming of the trophy coming back home all the while making every comparison possible with the 1992 World Cup which Pakistan won under the captaincy of Imran Khan.

In anticipation of the match, we decided to ask team how they think Team Green is going to fare in the game. Their answers, full of hope and optimism, have only fuelled our excitement for the match.

Babar Azam's roller coaster of a performance

Though the captain is known as one of the best players in the world, he has faced a dip in performance during the World Cup. It was in the semifinal we caught a whiff of the old Azam as he made a comeback. We have no idea which way the skipper's roller coaster is going to go but 69 per cent of believes he's going to score up to 50 runs. An optimistic 31 per cent believe he will score between 50 to 100 runs.

Shaheen Shah Afridi's winner spinners

Afridi is steadily coming back into form after a break and we're here for it. Fifty per cent of the team thinks the bowler will take two wickets, 44 per cent believe he will take three and only six per cent think he'll be able to grab five wickets in the match.

How far can Pakistan push the finish line for England?

If India's brutal loss against England in the semifinal is any indication, we're not sure how high a target we would be able to set. A huge majority of thinks Team Green can get somewhere between 120 to 160 runs and a super hopeful minority thinks we can exceed 160.

Who's the best of the best?

Many struggled with this question as there are so many great players in the current team. A lot of people ended up leaning towards Shadab Khan as Man of the Match though with 63 per cent voting for option A while 31 per cent think it has to be either Azam or Rizwan. Six percent of the staff feel even Haris Rauf or Wasim Jr have a chance.

World Cup champions 2022

We are happy to reveal that most of the staff thinks the streets will bleed green on Sunday as Pakistan brings the trophy home. Sixty nine per cent of the staff thinks Pakistan will win while 31 per cent see England taking the Cup.

What were your results?