Pakistani Twitter prioritises Shaheen Shah Afridi’s health over a single World Cup final

Pakistani Twitter prioritises Shaheen Shah Afridi’s health over a single World Cup final

They want to see him fit to play another day rather than guarantee a win and jeopardise his future.
13 Nov, 2022

Pakistan versus England in the T20 World Cup final warranted for a whole lot of shock and excitement, comparisons to the 92 World Cup (while blatantly ignoring 2009’s win), a gazillion memes and a generous helping of positivity. Despite India’s brutal defeat at the hands of England in the semifinal, Pakistanis had great faith in the Green Shirts. While the batting was disappointing, they made up for it with their bowling attack. The turning point of the match though, according to netizens, was Shaheen Shah Afridi’s exit.

On Sunday, the clouds in Melbourne overcame the rain forecast but Pakistan could not beat England to the finish line, despite their ferocious bowling that seemed to have made the Red Shirts quite uneasy. It was when Shaheen suffered an injury that things started to look up for England as they relaxed and hit some fours and sixes right after the pacer’s sad exit.

Netizens believe Shaheen’s fireballs were crucial enough to determine the flow of the game and it was over when he was escorted out of there. English cricket commentator and former cricketer Michael Vaughan seemed to agree as well.

Though netizens acknowledge Shaheen could have changed the outcome of the match, they understand that it was important for him to stop playing.

Prioritising health over one battle was indeed the right choice.

We just hope the player is not taking it too hard on himself.

Shahid Afridi had good advice for Shaheen back in August. But alas, the Afridis are a fierce breed.

We hope he recovers soon and await his comeback.

It was a tough moment.

The bottom line is that the bowling was brilliant.

They never fail to win our hearts.

Congratulations England on the win and congratulations to Team Green for making it so far!